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Photos of Tatonka, South Dakota

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 4, 2008

Tatonka, South Dakota is a great educational visit for college and high schools students. It should be included in any western trip.


4 Responses to “Photos of Tatonka, South Dakota”

  1. sengdroma said

    I love these shots, the sculptures are amazing and show real poigiancy. You can almost hear the noise and smell the dust and sweat.

  2. topofthethread said

    Thanks. The whole area of South Dakota is worth visiting; Tatonka, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Mount Rushmore. It’s worth the trip.

  3. Myrna Clayton said

    I visited Tatonka in 2006. It is a beautiful tribute that Kevin Costner paid to the Native American Lacotas. I loved this area of South Dakota and plan to revisit soon.

  4. Cookie and Sandy Coe said

    We visited the Tatonka site and loved it. We hope to go back again and visit more sites in South Dakota. What a wonderful state. Saw Mt. Rushmore and toured the Black Hills, and want to visit the Crazy Horse Memorial next time. Wow! Love showing the pictures we took especially the ones of Tatonka. the people of South Dakota were very friendly. They have plenty of reasons to be proud of their state.

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