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Having a stress-free day …. Practical daily stress management

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 9, 2008

Having a stress-free day is as simple as doing a few little things…

1. Look around. Appreciate. Smile.– All too often we forget how good we have it. Look at your spouse or partner. Your kids. Your dog. SMILE. The key is to look at them and SMILE. The simple act of smiling helps the body. It works better if you can laugh!Stress free living happy face

2. Make plans with friends. Have something to look forward to. – Work if fine. It is great to accomplish things and earn a living. You must have something non-work related to look forward to. Even if it is a movie with a good friend. Shut off the rest of the world, enjoy, and give yourself time to rejuvenate.

3. Watch a funny, stupid video. You would be surprised how a minute or 2 watching a video can help. Try this video. Find your own and bookmark your own for whenever you need them…


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