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Barry Bonds, et al, and Additional Repercussions of Performance Enhancing Drugs Use (Dara Torres)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 10, 2008

Dara Torress, 9-time Olympic medalist, 4-time Olympian, attempting to make her 5th Olympics at age 41. This is a hard working swimmer who has earned medals, and set a new American Swim record at age 41.

She is now a mother and has strategically trained and continued improving at an age when most athletes have long retired.Dara Torres, 41 year old Olympic Swimmer, with child

And, of course in this day and age, the whispers have started… It’s nothing that Dara has done. She does not exhibit any physical symptoms of drug use.. no acne… no enlarged muscles… anger… rages…

But, ever since Barry Bonds, Joses Canseco, Mark Mcguire, etc…. it is the easy route to accuse someone of cheating.

Dara has offered to take every test on a regular basis. WHY SHOULD SHE? This is absolutely no indication she has done anything wrong? She is being totally above board… taking the high road.

I guess anytime anyone does an out-of-the-ordinary athletic feat, they will be accused of cheating.

  • Tiger Woods and John Daly hit the ball further than anyone else… HGH… Drug test please!
  • Cal Ripken played in 2632 consecutive games… HGH… Drug test please!
  • Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) is both the indoor and outdoor world record holder in the high jump 8 feet and 8 feet ½ inch), respectively… HGH… Drug test please!

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?


2 Responses to “Barry Bonds, et al, and Additional Repercussions of Performance Enhancing Drugs Use (Dara Torres)”

  1. … Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and all the mothers’s out there. And Happy Mother’s Day to Dana Torress… one of the best “Mother Athletes” ever!

  2. Congratulations to Dara for her great Olympic Trials and American Record. We’re behind you!

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