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Technology – Greatest and smartest inventions of all time

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 20, 2008

Let’s think about some of the greatest inventions of all timeauto flush toilet, great invention

  • The printing press
  • Telephone
  • Car
  • Airplane
  • The Internet (Thanks Al Gore)
  • Computer / microchip / PC
  • The television and radio
  • electricity
  • etc…

… you get the point.. Obviously there are many missing discoveries… but let’s take a minute to discuss a group of logical and simple inventions that are almost always overlooked…

The auto-flush toilet (urinal) and the touchless flush urinal

Stupid? No. Great idea. Think about it.

Previously you sit down on the public toilet. Who the heck has been using it (urinal, toliet) before you. You do your business and then flush. (You touch something that had been touched by the previous user, right after he had touched his genitals! Disgusting).

Now we have the auto-flush toilet so we do not have to touch that dirty handle. Simple idea. Great execution. Bravo to the inventor.

Now you walk over to the sink to wash your hands (If you are one of those people who do not wash your hands, don’t tell me!) Previously you had to touch the sink knobs to turn on the water. You, with your dirty hands, touching the knobs, also touched by the previouse people’s dirty hands. Disgusting!

Now we have the touchless-sink. The water turns on automatically and you wash up without having to touch the dirty knobs! — AGAIN — Simple idea. Great execution. Bravo to the inventor.

(Let’s not forget the touchless paper towel dispenser.)

Whoever invented these simple ideas, thank you. Greatly appreciated.


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