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Purchasing safely online – – great customer service

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 25, 2008

As systems and technology improve, purchasing online has become more convenient and even entertaining experience. The real “fun” starts when there is a problem with your order….

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safely shopping online ebay

I visited to purchase two Billy Blanks Tae Bo VHS tapes for my girlfriend.

Navigating the site and making the purchase was easy. It took approximately 5 minutes from start

to finish. Please keep in mind I knew exactly what I wanted and did not get influenced by the “online point-of-sale” suggestions.

Two days later the tapes arrived… Smashed! They arrived broken.

I thought “Great. Here is comes. eCommerce Nightmare. How many calls is it going to take to resolve this?”

I called I got a great service rep. She said “No problem. You will have new tapes by tomorrow and we’ll send you an envelope to return the broken tapes.”

As promised, the next day I had new tapes and a return envelope. (The return envelope was regular USPS postage so I could drop it in any mailbox).

Thank you Great customer service. They took a problem and created a customer for life. Even if an item costs more on than another site (within reason), I will purchase it from them.

* * * * * * * * *

Note: In all fairness to, they do not get enough credit for influencing the entire ecommerce community. For years other sites have copied formats and design techniques used by Amazon. Millions of users are already accustomed to their designs. has already done all the testing.

Why not copy something you know your users already know how to navigate?

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