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Colleges doing away with requiring standardized entrance exams? Bad idea!

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 30, 2008

Colleges doing away with requiring standardized entrance exams is a bad idea! The AP and reported “Wake Forest joins schools dropping SAT requirementcollege acceptances SAT ACT standardized tests

For years there has been a group of people screaming that the SAT and ACT exams are biased and do not predict the educational performance of an individual.

How else can we objectively compare students during the admissions process?


200 students apply to the University of TopOfTheThread (a very competitive school).

  • Each student has a 90 – 92 average, is in all Honors classes, and has made the Honor Roll every semester.
  • Each student has one school activity (school newspaper, or student council, or school yearbook)
  • Each student is involved with their house of worship.

So now what?

Let’s have all 200 kids come in for interviews? No way. Too much time. Too much expense.

Let’s look at their schools or school districts. (Is that fair?)
A 92 average in one school district is not the same as a 92 average in another school district. And if the SATs and ACTs get de-emphasized, no telling what unscrupulous school administrators will do! Can you imagine the pressure an administrator could get from the local politicians? Or businesses such as real estate companies? (Residential real estate tends to cost more in better school districts.)

If there is no objective 3rd party entrance exam, a school district can (1) show tremendous improvement in grades, as well as (2) show improvement in their students acceptances to better schools, by simply having the teachers give better grades. <Hopefully it wouldn’tt be that easy.>

And let’s not forget the ever increasing number of overseas students applying to U.S. Colleges? How do you compare the 92 average in China and India with the 92 in the U.S.?

Eliminating the standardized exams is a bad idea. Changing or having improved standardized tests is a better solution.

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