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Prejudice against cops – all professions have bad eggs

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 31, 2008

There are bad people in every profession…
Lawyers steal from clients. Business owners cheat on taxes. Plumbers overcharge you. Stock brokers and investment bankers steal from their clients. CEOs are back-dating options and stealing from shareholders.
police brutality albuquerque NM eyewitness news You name the profession, and a certain percent of those people are “dirty”.

This hold true for cops. (I am not a cop. I do not have any cops in my family.)

This morning I watch a video in which a TV camera man was attacked by a police officer who had just exchanged gunfire with a suspect. The cop had just exchanged gunfire. The camera man kept asking questions and then asked for the officer’s name. The officer waits a little while and then attacks the camera man. Please click here to watch the video. Eyewitness News. Albuquerque, NM.

Don’t get me wrong. What the cop did was wrong. No matter the circumstances or the stress hepolice revolver gun fight suspect had just gone through, the cop should not have hit the camera man.

My concern is the number and type of anti-cop comments. Seeing the “pigs” comments and one person comments “I bet that cop has a tiny dick.” shows the anger towards the police.

One comment “I hate cops like this so much. Sadly, it’s seems like most of them act this way. It makes me afraid to ask a cop for help even though I’ve met a couple good cops…”

Most cops are honest and good people. I know many cops who are good, solid, professional people.

Just like other professions, don’t let the “bad eggs” ruin it for everyone. Police work is highly visible. and easily criticized. Unfortunately, one highly publicized bad incident, like this one, seems to over shadow 100’s of other good deeds credited to the police.

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