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Illegal immigrants – a Californian’s View – who are they?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 9, 2008

This post came after a conversation with a friend who would make a better presidential candidate than Obama or McCain. Too bad it’s too late to get him on the ballot.

****************************illegal alients immigrants from Mexico
We all know illegal immigration is a hot buttons in the 2008 Presidential Election. I am not an expert on the details of this immigration crisis. I do not pretend to be an expert on the subject.

I DO know what is fair. I DO know what I like and dislike.

I believe everyone has the right to provide for their family. In many cases it even admirable that these people are risking getting arrested, and at times their health, to come into the U.S. to provide for their family (even if it formally is a crime). (For today, let’s not argue about whether they are taking U.S. citizens’ jobs.)

Note: I do resent it when they use resources without paying taxes. I do resent it when they get free healthcare. An illegal immigrant in our neighborhoood just had her baby delivered, expense free. We have health insurance. We still had to pay deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses. Not fair. But that’s a topic for another day… Oh yeah, her delivery was on my, and my fellow taxpayers dimes…

We recently spent a week at Moon Palace in Cancun. Great vacation. Great service. Every employee was helpful, polite, and courteous. Very impressive. Thousand of hard working Mexicans. Wow. What a great resource for employees.

When I mentioned it to my friend, who had just gotten back from Mexico (on pleasure) and California (on business), he told me he shared a similar experience with the excellent staff during his stay in Mexico.

His comments from his colleagues in Southern California were interesting.

There are thousands of illegal aliens here in Southern California. Who are the people sneaking across the border? They are not the high quality people. The good people are getting the jobs in Mexico. The good ones ARE working in Mexico. Who are we getting here? Think about it.”

I never thought of it from that angle. I personally don’t know if there is any merit in these statements. I imagine it is a case-by-case situation…. but it is food for thought… and perhaps should be thrown into the debate…

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One Response to “Illegal immigrants – a Californian’s View – who are they?”

  1. jer mynor said

    There were 4 times that I had to represent myself in a court of Law for my own different cases.
    I am an ex-Sheriff, and went to a Lawyer for his advice,, paid him his $50. for a 1/2 hr.

    The purpose was to get some pointers as to how was best to help myself out.
    His advice was to keep saying
    ” your honor, Lets go back to the begining”.

    In the instance of illegals persons invading our Country, Lets use the same thing that worked for me…..

    “Lets go back to the begining”, As an action, always gets a re-action.

    Had these illegals never invaded, we, the taxpayer would be far better off, as each one of our tax dollars in the Govt.’s own records, show that for all of the costs bestowed upon us,the “bottom line” is a -$366 Billion dollars per year defecit.

    Now,in case some of you do not realize, the US Congress is OUR own employees…they are SUPPOSED to be working FOR us, but after we elected them, we are soon a forgotten Employer constituency.

    These people are sent to Congress to represent US, not them selves, as they are lining their pockets with Big business lobbyist $$$$$$$ for their votes to not “upset” the illegal ‘applecart’ with any new Laws to topple the sweet deal they have from cheap labor.

    Where as an example, in Texas, where 16,000 construction workers are out of work because of this lower wage done by illegals, U.S. citizens are loosing their houses, etc, etc…..

    It then becomes easy to see why Americans are “ticked-off” at the invasion of our homeland, and the up-setting of our own “apple-cart.”

    Here is where the: “Lets go back to the beginning ” comes in….

    Before they invaded and illegally jumped our ‘PUNY’ fences, we were a satisfied people, not thrilled ,but none the less, satisfied….

    So, now that our own GOVT. refuses to help out its own EMPLOYERS (US), we are stuck with a group of money-hungry and useless 19% rated Congress (THE LOWEST IN OUR ENTIRE HISTORY AS A NATION) the only thing to get us back to the beginning is our only tool left, and that is the VOTE.

    If, you and others are not wise enough to understand that we are being screwed by our own GOVT. which was created by the people, for the people, ….then we will remain doomed to a sure dark future within a short 4 years.

    WE simply MUST “vote-out’ the DEMOCRAT incumbents in Congress, because it is they who are stopping us from returning to going back to our beginning, to be wiser from the lessons learned from an invasion… the way, one of the MAIN reasons for the Fall of ROME was because of an invasion into their country by illegals also.

    Now, I speak as an INDEPENDENT Party Member, because I do not believe its the DEM’s vs, the Repub’s….its all of us together as ONE against all of those liars and greedy people we hired….
    It is now time for us to ‘FIRE’ those employees who sold their votes to lobbyists for the almighty $$$$.

    You can go to www.
    go to immigration, and look up the voting record of your Senator and House Rep.

    If they are graded with a ‘D’ or an ‘F’, then if you do NOT want to vote them out …
    ‘you yourself are the problem….

    We, the people, who follow politics, ask you for your help, otherwise America is definitely GONE, and you will then push 2 for English…
    as 1 will be in Spanish…..
    this is the truth, and you read it here, people of America….!!!!

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