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Gilbert Arenas bet a fan he could score 50 points – sports gambling

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 10, 2008

Story on a professional athlete betting on sports.


Nobody even discussed this story… 15 months ago!

A NY Times article in March 2007 stated that professional basetball player Gilbert Arenas bet a fan he could score 50 points. Now this isn’t betting on his team but it is a potential conflict on his team winning a game.

What if one of his teammates had a better shot but he needed 2 points to get 50 points? What if he chose to take a shot to get to 50 points and it cost his team the game?

NBA Commissioner David Stern… where are were you?

(Video podcast reading the NY Times article)
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2 Responses to “Gilbert Arenas bet a fan he could score 50 points – sports gambling”

  1. jobarules1918 said

    i actually heard about this story. I think its absolutely nuts. I kinda find it funny but gambling in sports just ruins the integrity. It clouds the sport that its not legit and if i want to watch something fake ill watch wrestling. Pete Rose isnt in the hall for gambling obviously a little different but come on. Gilbert Arenas is a great ball player but this story is pretty sketchy with all the Donaghy crap going on. Conspiracy Theorist think Jordan was suspended that year and half when he was gone from basketball from a suspension for gambling and playing baseball.. we will never know but could you imagine if that was the real reason. Nice post

  2. Thanks for the comment. I always thought we could believe in, and escape with sports. Life, work, girls, etc… could be stressful and crazy. You could always sit down and watch a good game and get into it… Now there is this cloud hovering over it… all sports… It used to just be the WWF (WWE)… it’s sad.

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