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Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan? Try Scottie Pippin

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 15, 2008

Tonight is the 5th game of the Lakers vs Celtics NBA Finals. Unless a miracle happens, the Celtics will be the NBA Champions. Up until now, people had started the conversation comparing Kobe Bryant to MichaelMichael Jordan Scottie Pippi Kobe Bryant NBA Champions Jordan.

People are starting to chat and wonder if Kobe Bryant should be compared to Michael Jordan.


Kobe Bryant has won 3 NBA Championships. Kobe Bryant as won 0 (zero) NBA Championships in which he was “the man”. He played with Shaquile O’Neill. Shaq was “the man”. Kobe is more equivalent to Scottie Pippin in the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan era.

Pippin won 6 NBA Championships being the “No. 2 guy” to Jordan. (The year Jordan sat out and played baseball with the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Bulls, lead by Pippin, did not win the NBA Championship.)

So, to recap:

  • Michael Jordan had 6 NBA Championships being “the man”
  • Scottie Pippin had 6 NBA Championships being the “No. 2 guy”
  • Kobe Bryant has 3 NBA Championships being the “No. 2 guy”

Kobe obviously is a much better talent and player than Pippin.

Even if Kobe (a) leads the Lakers to a miraculous comback this year, and, (b) leads the Lakers to the NBA Championship the next 2 years, he will be a great player, but No Michael Jordan.

… now if Paul Pierce leads the Celtics to the championship the next 2 years… ;>)


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3 Responses to “Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan? Try Scottie Pippin”

  1. Juan said

    Most defecnetly, kobe can’t be compare to the most greatest player ever, Michael Jordan. Is true that kobe is good and he is on his best times now on the NBA,and maybe the only person that you can compare Kobe Brain is Scottie Pippen, but not with Michael Jordan who has 6 championships being #1 on the NBA.

  2. big al said

    Well, time has shown Kobe is worthy.
    But your comparison to Jordan negates an important fact, besides the fact Jordan constantly carried the ball and traveled. The fact is that they had to play man-to-man in Jordan’s time. Kobe plays against a zone.

  3. hank said

    Well looks like Kobe got his ring w/o Shaq. The only thing Pippen might be better than Kobe at is defense and I might be generous by saying that. Jordan and Kobe do compare favorably once people stop acting like MJ was a God and had no faults. Contrary to popular belief Jordan played on really good teams and the year after his first retirement made a deep playoff run. Without Kobe the Spurs and Kings of that era would have killed the Lakers, was Rick Fox going to win them the title? Jordan never would have won without Pippen just like Shaq and Kobe were a tandem and never won without the complementary pieces (like Wade, Odom, Gasol, Penny when Shaq got to the finals in Orlando). I still think that Jordan was slightly better but seriously it’s not miles apart like everyone seems to act.

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