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America needs a one-term, bust-chops President

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 19, 2008

We all know this won’t happen because a first term president immediately starts his initial term with an eye on getting reelected…american flag president

More than ever, America needs a tough, strategic leader.

We need a “person” who will get in office, not be afraid to ruffle feathers, and get things done. He / she needs to be soley focused on selflessly stopping the current tailspin of the U.S.

We need that SOB CEO-type person who is going to get the country from point A to point B… reagardless of all obstacles… join him, help him, or get out of the way.

Unfortunately, The President always need the backing of one of the parties in order to get legislation and action completed. For this exercise, let’s make believe he can be that hard-ass CEO and needs to get these 3 things accomplished in his one and only term in office.

1. Oil and Drilling

If the economy is good, and people feel financially confident, everyone feels better about life. The economy is revolving around oil.

Oil has dramatically affected the U.S. We are so dependent on imported oil, we are at the world’s mercy.

China has started slant drilling off of Florida. They have also reopened old refineries in Cuba. Venezuela doesn’t exactly love the U.S. and is planning on selling “previously destined to the U.S. oil”, to China. Mexcio has elections in July and it is expected the new Mexican leadership will not favor selling crude oil to the U.S.

Simply put, we need to (a) learn to conserve while (b) drilling of the coast of Florida and in Alaska. Many people won’t like it. It just needs to get done. Let all the nature groups scream. Tough. And yes, Mr. President, it may prevent you from getting reelected but you will be helping to save our once-great country. (See )

2. Terrorism

Let the world know we won’t stand for terrorism and we’re willing to fight. But we need to have a plan. Think strategically not tactically. We want the U.S. (and the world) to be free of terrorism. We are fine with sending in troops and planes. We just need a plan. Who. What. Where…. What is our exit strategy? What is a success? failure?

We know the plan will be modifed from time to time. We need a plan.

We need to fight. Opponents will scream. Mr. President, it may prevent you from getting reelected but you will be helping to save our once-great country.

3. Unify the country (party lines)

Democrats. Republicans. Indendents. There has never been such party lines as we have today. There seems to be out and out hatred of the other party. This is the hardest and easiest of the three items here.

I wish I knew the answer to this one. Perhaps we should dissolve the party system.

If we dissolve the parties, the “party power mongers” will rally the troops. Protests will occur. Mr. President, it may prevent you from getting reelected but you will be helping to save our once-great country.


In this imaginery scenario, if our president accomplished these three items, He would definitely make a lot of enemies and not get reelected. He probably would not even get his party’s nomination (if there were parties).

… but we would be on our way to again being the greatest country on earth.

Wishful thinking.



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