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Obama helps Clinton, McCain helps Giuliani – manage your budgets!

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 7, 2008

In April… John McCain’s manager Rick Davis e-mailed the senator’s top fundraisers asking they help Giuliani retire the debt he incurred before dropping out of the Republican primary race…. “While this is an unusual request, it is extremely important for the McCain campaign and the party,” Davis wrote. (from

In June… Senator Barack Obama asked his leading fund-raisers to assist retire the campaign debt of Senator Hillary Clinton. (from

When did candidates start paying off other candidates’ campaign debt?

Shouldn’t our “supposed” leaders be expected to manage their campaign budgets?
Americans are in a credit crunch. Look all around us at all the “for sale” and “foreclosure” signs popping up. Our leaders tell us to to manage our personal credit and debt carefully.

And then our leaders (candidates) are spending money they don’t have…

It seems we have leadership living by the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do”.


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