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Obama and experience – no problem

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 29, 2008

Being the President of the United States is not about being an expert in all subjects. The job requires obama president of USyou to have a basis of knowledge, common sense, and the ability to surround yourself with experts in the areas. Selection of a cabinet is key.

Being President is unlike any other position in the world. It is not like being a Senator, Representative, Governor, or Mayor. Are there aspects of these positions with similarities to aspects of being President? Of Course!

So let’s stop talking about experience. Until you are President, you do not have experience at being President.

Judging by his campaign, Obama seems to surround himself with productive people who are good at their jobs. If consistent with his campaign, Obama will appoint a solid, productive cabinet.

Obama and his “future Cabinet members” will be good for the U.S. and the world.



One Response to “Obama and experience – no problem”

  1. gasdocpol said

    And GW Bush has been President for 7+ years and I would not give you 2 cents for his experience. Granted, Bush has gotten better at pretending to be President.

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