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Is ESPN so desperate for ratings?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on September 2, 2008

I thought ESPN prided itself on its reporting.david tyree ny giants football

ESPN hyped its E:60 Show (9.2.08)… Giants David Tyree… Comes back from being admitted to a mental institution.. Tyree thinks he’s the Devil… Oh my g-d…

We expect these type of stories from the supermarket rag sheets, not ESPN. Jeremy Schaap should be ashamed being associated with the story. ESPN reported on David Tyree drinking, drugging, playing football, drinking drugging, playing football, and more of the same.

Then, all of a sudden, after years of alcohol and drug abuse, Tyree experienced some mental issues. What a surprise!

ESPN did nothing to explain the cause of his bizarre behaviour. They perpetuated the hype that Tyree was possessed! Were they trying to generate ratings?

Let’s spell it out… DRUG INDUCED PSYCHOSIS. jeremy schaap espn

ESPN: You should be embarrassed by your reporting. But don’t worry – We still love you and will continue watching.

ESPN staff and Jeremy Schaap please click here.



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