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Windmills have always been things of beauty

Posted by TopOfTheThread on September 6, 2008

Spanish Windmills in La Mancha

Windmills have been around for hundreds of years. Countries around the world have them.

They have been things of beauty and functioning tools in the community. Using Mother Nature’s natural wind to generate energy, they are things of beauty visually and intellectually.

In the old days, windmills were used to grind grain, corn, etc. Sometimes the windmills assisted pumping water and used for other purposes. Our past generations had these useful structures smack dab in the middle of their towns. Often windmills were meeting and gathering places.

There were no pollutants or negative output from the windmills. A little noise… so what ?!


Today, more than ever, we need many different alternate supplies of energy.

Today’s windmills are efficient and beautifully designed. They are not going to solve our energy problems by themselves, but they can easily contribute to the effort.

T. Boone Pickens is pushing the effort. This oilman is spending his own money getting the word out. Take a look at one of his commercials.

Having windmills through the great plains of the United States, on mountains, off shore, and in other logical locations, can signifigantly help our cause. Of course, as with all initiatives, there are people objecting… It will ruin the shore line. It won’t look nice. There will be humming sounds.

GET OVER IT. We are in a serious energy crisis. The new windmills are efficient and modern looking. We need to immediately start scouting locations for implementation. Rather than looking at the windmills as eye sores, be proud and look at how we are helping ourselves without hurting the environment.


We spend a good amount of time in the Berkshires. We visit Jiminy Peak in all seasons. Take a peek at the windmill at the top of Jiminy Peak. A thing of beauty. Be proud of it.

Here is an excerpt from a great article on the Jiminy Peak Windmill. (

“Using wind power is great for our environment, for our world for one thing. And also, it’s great for Jiminy Peak. It just makes downright good sense,” said Rep. Denis Guyer (D-Dalton) who attended the ceremony.

Zephyr will produce approximately 1/3 of Jiminy Peak’s annual energy needs and will be used to power snowmaking, lifts and some buildings, including the core of the Country Inn. At full production, Zephyr’s output is 2,000 horsepower, enough to run 600 houses.

“Zephyr is a symbol to me of freedom, independence and commitment,”

Jiminy Peak Windmill

Jiminy Peak Windmill


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