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Why does Keith Olbermann show up at a SNL closed rehearsal?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 1, 2008

Keith Olberman is a funny, intelligent comedian. It would be hard to classify him a a reporter.

He’s not the only one. Bill O’Reilly is one obvious example that takes the polar opposite views. We need these formats. We need entertainment. We need to appease the extreme left and extreme right with some entertainment. They are both out and out funny.

What the pubic needs to remember is their livelihood depends upon ratings. Their livelihood depends upon ratings. They take basic truths and expand them, spin them, left and right. (Hopefully Americans are not using these shows to determine their voting preferences.)

Olbermann comes across as a big, confident, intelligent guy on TV. He does a good job and his show does well.

Its comes out that Ben Affleck will be spoofing him on SNL tonight (11.1.08 NBC). Olbermann sneaks into a CLOSED SNL rehearsal to watch? Ben Affleck comments he is uncomfortable with him there.
Is Olbermann so insecure? He should take being a character on SNL as a compliment. He’s arrived! Obama. McCain. Biden. Cinton. Clinton. And especially Palin have been ripped apart on the show.

Keith – it’s a part of the job. If you are going to be “who you have created” you need to be a little more confident. Evidently your TV persona is a facade.



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