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Special Interest Groups, Stadiums, and Arenas

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 12, 2008

Being an avid sports fan, I still find it peculiar hearing the sponsored names of arenas and stadiums.

Names like Minute Maid Park, Lincoln Financial Field and Ameriquest Field simply don’t sound right.

But it made me think of where this can lead.

I am waiting for special interest groups to take some of their funds and participate in the fun. They certainly seem to have plenty of money…

Can you imagine these venues?

  • Obama For Change Stadium ( He had enough money to do this!)
  • PETA Pavillion (No rodeos here)
  • Stop The War Arena
  • Proposition 8 Fieldhouse
  • Off Shore Drilling Is OK Garden
  • Illegal Immigration is Wrong Park

I know this seems ridiculous but a special interest group will eventually sponsor a stadium.

Please take a look a a sampling of the stadium names and the prices sponsors are paying:



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