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Obama, Hope

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 22, 2008


Hope for the United States and the world

Hope for the United States and the world


One Response to “Obama, Hope”

  1. Charles Bruce Brantley said

    Yes, it is wonderful to finally have the “Rod” in the White House in January. President Bush and Senator McCain, I am sure are right there with you, now. Hope is in true faith for a brighter future. Love is the light inwhich we must aim our hopes. Truely, freedom is prosperious. Money is but a fuel to keep us free. Weapons are not always needed in keeping freedom. President Elect and soon to be President Obama, I hope you will use your heart to reel in the big ones, to rack up the Bucks, to protect this beautiful Country and I Pray with the Power of bringing a offering to the Storehouse, that our economy will spark upward,highly,to be raised from the dead, so to speak, to creat jobs, and all shall experience prosperity. In the Name of Jesus, I pray, I ask, I seek, and I knock. Amen. Thank you oh Most Holy for answering our prayer, I claim it in the Name of Jesus. Amen and Amen!

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