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Realistic Ways to Save Money in these tough times

Posted by TopOfTheThread on December 27, 2008

As the economy is getting tougher wiith  potential unemployment on the horizon, here are some of cash_pocketthe items our family has done (or will be doing)…

  • Cancel gym membership. I stopped my LA Fitness membership and started running and doing push ups.
  • Add water to hair gel… a reasonable amount to make it last longer – it is mostly water anyway
  • Add water to shampoo, hair conditioner … same here.. a reasonable amount to make it last longer – it is mostly water anyway
  • If there is coffee in your office, drink that… even if you love Starbucks…  You would be surprised how quickly it ads up. If you have 2 cups of coffee a day at $2 each.. that’s $4 per day… with an average of 20 work days per month… that’s $80 per month on coffee.
  • Clean out your drawers, house, apartment… find old jewelry, metals, etc… and sell them… I have sent mine to and they seemed to have sent me a fair dollar amount. (They are not a middleman. They are the refinery.)
  • I sold my other junk on eBay.  It was just taking up space in the house anyway. I aggressively priced it. I want the cash. I don’t are that someone else got an extra $5 for the same clock radio!
  • I purchased a new (to me) leather jacket at Good Will (Jericho Turnpike, Elwood, Long Island, NY).  They have nice, broken in, soft leather, used  jackets. I stumbled across this place last year when I had to find a costume for a dance.  They had lots of nice things!
  • Bring your lunch to the office. (You would be surprised how much money you spend on lunch, coffee, etc..)
  • Stopped eating in between meals. (Again, it is a good habit to NOT eat between meals. Now is the time to do it.)
  • Around here, it seems like Chinese Restaurants (small storefronts) seem to have lots of great lunch meals. An acquaintance (who is single) actually buys 2 lunches and brings one home for dinner. Actually, sometimes the lunch itself is large enough for dinner and lunch.
  • Good bye Netflix. Good bye BlockBuster.  We now go to the public library and borrow movies for FREE. We also do not feel pressured to watching a movie that we had paid for…
  • Lowered the thermostat from 68 to 62 degrees.  It’s a little chillier but put on a sweaterhirt! I am guessing, I will save $20 per month.
  • Always visit coupon sites.  Some of the best sites are,, RetailMeNot,,and others. Also google. for codes. A sample search may be for a coupon code for Wii Fit. (Search for coupon code on Wii Fit)
  • Cancel the water delivery service. Each of those bottles costs $15 and the stand costs $5 per month. We will save $20 per month purchasing the water from the grocery store.
  • For breakfast we like to have a bagel with cheese.  Around here (NY) a bagel costs approximately $0.75. An entire loaf of bread costs $1.49.  Save money by purchasing a loaf of bread and putting cheese on bread instead of  a begel…. it will also save you calories! And Carbs!
  • Save on automobile insurance.  As your car gets older you MAY need less insurance. Contact your insurance professional to guide you.  Your insurance broker may be able to guide you properly and safely. Present your concerns to your broker before lessening your coverage.


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Poll – take 2 seconds – Should CitiCorp, CitiBank undo the the $400 Million deal with the NY Mets Stadium

Posted by TopOfTheThread on December 7, 2008

CitiCorp / CitiBank was just bailed out with billions of taxpayers dollars. They have a $400 billion deal to pay the NY Mets for naming rights on their new stadium. (BTW, the stadium supposedly is costing $800 million, so in effect, Citi is paying for half the stadium without any equity.) Should CitiCorp and the NY Mets undo the deal?

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