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It’s time for individual sports records to take a backseat…

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 22, 2009

Regarding team sports such as baseball, football, hockey, soccer — only:

As fans, we have been pushed to say

  • Who cares about Barry Bonds, or Hank Aaron having the most home runs
  • Who cares about Roger Clemens having 350 wins and over 4,000 strikeouts
  • Who cares that Mark McGuire beat out Sammy Sosa in the 1998 Roger Maris home run chase
  • So what — Alex Rodriguez has 500 plus home runs and counting…..

Cheating has taken place and will always take place.

Focusing on team records is, at least, an equal playing field (no pun intended). Think about it.

A-Rod recently admitted using steroids from 2001 – 2003.  Let’s assume that at least 104 players used performance enhancing drugs during that era. Who won the World Series from 2001 – 2003 (Arizona Diamondbacks,   Anaheim Angels, Florida Marlins). Fine.

So we can assume that at LEAST 100 of the 700 major league players “cheated” using performance enhancing drugs.  For round numbers, that’s 14% of the players.  Let’s assume there is an equal distribution of  “cheaters”. 14% of the Diamondbacks cheated. 14% of the Angels cheated. And 14% of the Marlins cheated.

Continuing, 14% of the NY Yankees, NY Mets, and Boston Red Sox also cheated, and did NOT win the World Series.

As a fan, I have no problem with it.  Those seasons were entertaining and fun to watch.  It is an equal playing field because all the teams and players probably had access to the same performance enhancing drugs. Teams made decisions. Individuals made decisions. That was THAT era.

When the rules were set outlawing steriods, the number probably went from 14% to 2% (a guess).  Again, the cheaters were probably evenly distributed amongst the league.

So all the teams and players probably had a representative sample of cheaters.

As new drugs come on the scene, everyone will have access to them. New masking agents come on the scene, everyone will have access to them. It’s illegal but fair.


The same holds true for football.  As time as gone on, steriods/HGH testing has gotten tougher. People still use then and there is probably an equal distribution amongst the teams and players.


This may seem like bizarre logic, but it makes sense for the “team results”. Of course it does not help the individual records that are affected by this cheating.

I know it’s not realistic, but perhaps we should come up with an alternative to “individual records”. Perhaps we should discuss using a word like “highlights”.

One of the “highlights” of the 1998 season was McGuire and Sosa competing to hit the most home runs… I know,I know, it’s weak…


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The top 3 lies of all time – the updated list

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 22, 2009

We used to joke around that 3 of the great lies of all time were

  1. The check is in the mail
  2. You can’t get pregnant the first time
  3. It’s not you. It’s me.

Recently there seems to be a need to update this list. Here are a few updated examples

  1. Read my lips, no new taxes <George Bush>
  2. I did not have sex with that woman <Bill Clinton referring to Monica Lewinsky>
  3. I did not take steroids or any performance enhancing drugs <Alex Rodriguez, he later recanted>.(Not to stick up for him for his ethics and motives, but it’s kind of interesting how Jose Canseco has NOT turned out to be as big a liar as we thought… right?)

The check is in the mail. I suppose we can keep that one on the list for Bernie Madoff.

* * * * * * * * * ** * * * ** * * * *

Who can we trust these days?  It has become a sad environment, not just because of the financial problems,  political polarity, etc…  but because of the warranted distrust in the world.  Here is a song that has come to mind. It is not an exact fit  (actually it’s a stretch) , but today, where are all our leaders? Who can we trust? Our athletic heroes?

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Buy Cars – A message to Washington on the stimulus

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 11, 2009

You want people to buy cars in this environment? This is what should be implemented by Washington today!

For the next 18 months…

  1. If you purchase a hybrid vehicle, your sales tax, interest, and principal is all deductible up to a cap of $30,000. Period. *** OR ***
  2. If you purchase a vehicle with rated MPG greater than 30 MPG, your sales tax, interest, and principal is all deductible up to a cap of $20,000. Period.
  • This incents people to purchase a vehicle.
  • This provided additional incentive to people to purchase a hybrid. Environmental Win.
  • This provides auto manufacturers incentive to creat high mpg vehicles and hybrids. This is better than strong-arming the auto manufacturers. If they want to be in business, they’ll do it.
  • The money lost from government revenue would be the same as if they subsidized some auto-related program.
  • Consumers who really need a car and are holding off, may decide to step up. It is too good to pass up.

Makes Sense. Simple. Right to the point. And No protectionism.

Please pass this around to people, your congress-people, and President Obama.


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Dear Mr President Obama (as opposed to President Pelosi)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 6, 2009

Dear Mr. President Obama,

We need you to participate in saving the country and world.

We need you to be hands-on with the critical items such as the so-called Stimulus Package that is now in Congress. It is a great disappointment that you were not involved in the crafting of the work. We know you are an intelligent and fair person…. afterall we elected you…. not Nancy Pelosi…

It shouldn’t even be considered a stimulus package… it should really be called

Democrats. Republicans. Who cares? We need this done right!

You cannot simply outsource the process and trust your Democratic Party Majority in Congress to get it right. It is obvious there is a blatant Non-Stimulus Slant to everything in that document. You are responsible for the STIMULUS bill.

You are our President. You need to get your nails dirty and participate. It is not the time to be running out and spending time at local elementary schools.

We are behind you. We need you more than ever.

Good luck.

The People of the United States.


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Realistic Ways to Save Money in these tough times No 2

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 4, 2009

Realistic Ways to Save Money in there Tough times… continued…

  • Get haircuts, get your hair done less often – Judy had commented on “haircuts”… I had spoken to my barbercash_pocket regarding the effects the economy has had on his business. He had said people are waiting longer between haircuts (It is consistent with Judy’s comment.) I had also gone from a haircut every 5 weeks to 8-9 weeks (to the point of people making comments).
  • Wash your hair every other day. (If you do not have greasy hair that should not be gross.)
  • Unplug “things”. Unplus the power cord when not charging something. Sometimes they are still using a little electricity.
  • When your bottle of shampoo gets half empty, add a little water. This will make it last longer. Shampoo is mostly water anyway.
  • Do the same thing for hair gel. When your bottle of hair gel gets half empty, add a little water.
  • Run your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer late at night when utilities are less expensive. (Is this true?)
  • If you are getting rid of a older car, see if it may be worth more to you to donate it to charity. At times they may give you a better net when you calculate it against your taxes.
  • Instead of going out, invite friends to your home. Having drinks at home is dramatically less expensive than out at a bar or restaurant.
  • If you are going out, invite friends over for drinks before hand (instead of having drinks while waiting for a table.) That will save significant money. — Remember don’t drink and drive!

… more to come…


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