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Realistic Ways to Save Money in these tough times No 2

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 4, 2009

Realistic Ways to Save Money in there Tough times… continued…

  • Get haircuts, get your hair done less often – Judy had commented on “haircuts”… I had spoken to my barbercash_pocket regarding the effects the economy has had on his business. He had said people are waiting longer between haircuts (It is consistent with Judy’s comment.) I had also gone from a haircut every 5 weeks to 8-9 weeks (to the point of people making comments).
  • Wash your hair every other day. (If you do not have greasy hair that should not be gross.)
  • Unplug “things”. Unplus the power cord when not charging something. Sometimes they are still using a little electricity.
  • When your bottle of shampoo gets half empty, add a little water. This will make it last longer. Shampoo is mostly water anyway.
  • Do the same thing for hair gel. When your bottle of hair gel gets half empty, add a little water.
  • Run your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer late at night when utilities are less expensive. (Is this true?)
  • If you are getting rid of a older car, see if it may be worth more to you to donate it to charity. At times they may give you a better net when you calculate it against your taxes.
  • Instead of going out, invite friends to your home. Having drinks at home is dramatically less expensive than out at a bar or restaurant.
  • If you are going out, invite friends over for drinks before hand (instead of having drinks while waiting for a table.) That will save significant money. — Remember don’t drink and drive!

… more to come…



One Response to “Realistic Ways to Save Money in these tough times No 2”

  1. nice post
    Everyone can save money in small and seemingly insignificant areas if you know how and where to do it.
    These are all great ideas
    Great tips! I’ll be coming back to learn more about saving money!

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