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Obama’s Health Care Reform – What is it?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on August 14, 2009

People are screaming at each other over health care reform.  How can anyone be passionate one way or another without knowing the proposed plan(s)?

Obama, Democrats and Republicans are each campaigning for/against it.

WHAT IS IT?!  Where can we find out SPECIFICALLY what is being proposed?

None of these road-shows should be taking place until the multiple bills and proposals are combined into one bill…. then we should all work from there.

It seems that it is still all theory and rumours… Please, someone point us to one place where we can see the specific proposals! Substance!  Not theory!

Also, please do not set these random deadlines on a subject that will affect the future of thise country.

Please do not pull the same "crap" of offering a 1000+ page bill, like was done with the stimulus, and expect it to be voted on the next day. 

It is a subject that we all agree needs fixing.  Let’s do it right. We may not have a second chance.


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Eli Manning – Overpaid and Overrated NY Giants Quarterback

Posted by TopOfTheThread on August 7, 2009

Check out the news from a few days ago…

  • ALBANY, N.Y. — Eli Manning has agreed to a new six-year, $97.5 million contract extension with the New York Giants that will make him among the highest-paid players in the NFL with an average salary of roughly $15.3 million, a source told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen…. See Eli Manning as agreed to…

  • Pretty amazing contract considering he may not be one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL.
    (He’s probably the third best quarterback in his family.)

    He is credited with getting to and winning the Super Bowl. His gun-toting buddy Plaxico Burress, was his savior during that run. Manning would throw passes that Burress would “go and get”. You can see how Manning’s productivity declined once Burress was missing from the field.

    Manning also benefits from having the best rushing offense in the NFL. Please take a look at the chart below. Plug in some of the other quarterbacks into the Giants… and consider how much of a better team they’d be…

    2008 NFL Team Rushing Statistics EliManningGIF2


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