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Obama’s Health Care Reform – What is it?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on August 14, 2009

People are screaming at each other over health care reform.  How can anyone be passionate one way or another without knowing the proposed plan(s)?

Obama, Democrats and Republicans are each campaigning for/against it.

WHAT IS IT?!  Where can we find out SPECIFICALLY what is being proposed?

None of these road-shows should be taking place until the multiple bills and proposals are combined into one bill…. then we should all work from there.

It seems that it is still all theory and rumours… Please, someone point us to one place where we can see the specific proposals! Substance!  Not theory!

Also, please do not set these random deadlines on a subject that will affect the future of thise country.

Please do not pull the same "crap" of offering a 1000+ page bill, like was done with the stimulus, and expect it to be voted on the next day. 

It is a subject that we all agree needs fixing.  Let’s do it right. We may not have a second chance.



One Response to “Obama’s Health Care Reform – What is it?”

  1. God alone knows whether it is Obama’s Health Care Reform or Obama’s Health Scare Reform.

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