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49 States will pay for Nebraska’s Medicaid Costs

Posted by TopOfTheThread on December 29, 2009

So it looks like Health Care Reform is going to be pushed through at all costs… At all costs except for people living in Nebraska.

According to an MSNBC, the state of Nebraska is getting a sweet heart deal in order to get their vote for health care reform.  (Let’s call it what it is… their vote was out-and-out bought.)  It is such a questionable deal that top prosecutors from seven states (Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Michigan, North Dakota, Colorado,  Washington state) are contesting the constitutionality of this “Nebraska Compromise”.

“The Nebraska compromise, which permanently exempts Nebraska from paying Medicaid costs that Texas and all other 49 states must pay, may violate the United States Constitution — as well as other provisions of federal law,” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said. <MSNBC>

… and …

Nebraska wasn’t alone in getting Medicaid breaks. Vermont, Louisiana and Massachusetts also got help with their programs.

I do not know what to say.  Nebraska will pay nothing.  Vermont, Louisiana, and Massachusetts get discounts or assistance.

Am I naive? Is this really how it works?  I live in New York.  I want our Medicaid costs covered 100% by the rest of the states.  Why should we be left out? Afterall, we are New York!!!

Senator GillibrandSenator Schumer? Are you listening?

Please take back NY’s commitment to health care reform until we get our Medicaid costs covered.  Thank you.


One Response to “49 States will pay for Nebraska’s Medicaid Costs”

  1. We are the UNITED States. These special deals and exceptions for SOME depending on who is the slickest politician with the most magic up his sleeve instead of making it EQUAL for ALL is not what the PEOPLE of this country believe in.

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