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re: The Dumbest business decisions and mistakes in history…

Posted by TopOfTheThread on April 25, 2010

MSN had an interesting article on The 8 dumbest business decisions.

One of the many dumbest decisions that was omitted from MSN’s list  was IBM’s flawed licensing agreement of PC-DOS.   IBM effectively left the door open for Bill Gates and Paul Allen.  This couple of guys, after licensing PC-DOS to IBM, basically duped it, created MS-DOS and Microsoft was on its way…


2 Responses to “re: The Dumbest business decisions and mistakes in history…”

  1. There appears to be two main kinds of dumb decisions in the list: Firstly, decisions that were truly dumb based on the facts at hand, where a more foresighted, well-informed, or clear-thinking individual would have made a better decision. Secondly, decisions that were just “dumb with hindsight”.

    I am far from certain that IBM’s mistake falls into the first category. In particular, I have seen it argued that IBM’s true mistake was mishandling the hardware, compatibility and cloning issues, thereby pushing it self out of the PC business.

    • All these lists are just for entertainment…

      Many things change over time. If someone else had invested in Google (for example), interfered with their management, tried to bring in “their” corporate culture, who says Google would be the Google of 2010 ?

      The IBM comment is the same. Back in the day, I had a AT&T 6300 (vs an IBM XT). It ran MS-DOS. What would it have run if IBM had locked down the licensing… but again.. all these “what ifs” are just yapping…

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