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OK. Fess Up Calvin (Murphy – regarding Lebron James)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 22, 2010

Professional Sports is big business. And we now have the biggest player in team sports, Lebron James,  potentially becoming a free agent.

After the dirty stories in Washington DC, Congress, lobbyists, Wall Street, etc… and even our local school board Lebron James Calvin Murphy Sex Mom delonte joneselection, I have become a pessimist and believe people will do anything to get to their goals.

Lebron James may become a free agent.  AT LEAST financially, the Cleveland Cavaliers have an advantage because of the Larry Bird Rule. (Please correct me if I am wrong. Thx).  The first hurdle, for teams other than the Cavs, to getting James is to make sure he wants to leave Cleveland.

Go after his mother? How underhandedly brilliant!

Whether it’s true of not, getting a story to circulate  that James’ mother had sex with a teammate? Someone out there is being very aggressive… you know who you are…

So Calvin – FESS UP – Who paid you?  NY Knicks?  LA Clippers? NJ Nets? Chicago Bulls? Miami Heat?  Dallas Mavericks? Come on. We know. We know you may have been paid indirectly… Tell us… Just between us…

Regardless of the culprits, the NY Knicks,  LA Clippers NJ Nets, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and the  Dallas Mavericks are the winners (or beneficiaries) of this rumor. The green flag has dropped, go for it!

Who will win the Lebron James Sweepstakes – and how far will they go?

—> See The News The Knicks Needed to Plant…


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