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Frustration – dealing with morons who believe they are intelligent

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 29, 2010

Of late I have been forced to deal with a frustrating situation.  I am dealing with people who sincerely believe  they are intelligent but, in reality, are stupid, and cannot even grasp many elementary school concepts.

I know I am no “brain surgeon” but a person of average intelligence.

How do you argue with people when you have to bring the communication down to a 3rd grade level?

I was so frustrated, I went online to see if anyone had a great quote on the subject. Surely someone was quoted as saying “The most dangerous person is one who believes he is intelligent but really has no clue.”

Here’s the most relevant information I could find.


The problem is the people (like you, for instance) who don’t even begin to suspect that they are stupid. People who insist they’re God’s gift to intellectual discourse. But in reality: as thick as whale blubber.

Again from

  1. Forrest Gump: stupid, but he knows it.

  2. Homer Simpson: is actually dumb, but seems to think he’s the cleverest guy alive.

  3. Columbo: is actually smart, but comes across as quite a dope.

  4. Mr Spock: smart, and knows exactly how smart he is.

The people I am dealing with are Homer Simpsons.

Sorry this post is a pure vent but I needed it. Thanks for listening.

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