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Always Remember 9/11

Posted by TopOfTheThread on September 12, 2010

911 Twin Towers  Wordl Trade Center Anniversary Terrorist Attack Never Forget

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Doing The Right Thing – The New York City Mosque Issue

Posted by TopOfTheThread on September 4, 2010

Twin Towers Peace Muslims mosque 9-11 NYC

Often having the legal right to do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

I sincerely believe that “most” people believe the Iman and the party owning the property near Ground Zero, legally have the right to build their mosque.

But big picture, for the benefit of all Muslims, the Iman should move the site of the new Mosque as a gesture of good will to the people of the United States.

  • A gesture to show that the majority of Muslims recognize that these “Radical Muslims” have tainted the image of Islam in the USA.
  • A gesture to show that Muslims understand and acknowledge the “hurt” that the 3000 families feel from 9-11.  (Yes everyone knows the event was not the actions of “regular” Muslims. Yes everyone knows that Muslims also died in the towers.)
  • A gesture to show that Muslims in the United States want to distance themselves from the association with the “Radical Muslims” of 9-11.

Unfortunately these “Radical Muslims” have ruined it for everyone.  Is it fair? Absolutely Not.  There is no way around it. It is what it is.

Why is it so important to build the mosque so close to Ground Zero?   What point are you trying to make?  It has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of religion.

To the Iman: You’re missing the big picture. You’re blowing a great opportunity to do the right thing  and start healing everyone’s wounds. An act of consideration. An act of kindness and understanding.

Perhaps the Iman can use this a a “teachable moment”, as President Obama likes to say…

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