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When no presidential campaign is the best campaign

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 30, 2011

Mitt Romney has been conspicuously quiet. No comments on the debt ceiling?

Doesn’t Mitt Romney look like a president?

It is interesting to note how Mitt Romney has stayed clear of everything going on in Washington. Little exposure. Few comments.

  • Right or wrong – Michelle Bachmann  will  continue to speak in her extreme ideas and will be picked apart by the media and Democrats
  • Right or wrong – Sarah Palin has the flaky, media-exaggerated, reputation, and will “probably” not be taken seriously.
  • Right or wrong – Tim Pawlenty is a long shot and is now “playing games” with Michelle Bachmann.
  • Right or wrong – Newt Gingrich is too extreme and has no shot at the nomination.
  • Right or wrong – Herman Cain has some interesting points but is way behind.
  • Right or wrong – Rick Perry. Although Texas is probably the most successful economic state, unfortunately Texas = George W. Bush.
  • And Right or wrong – President Obama has broken his promises of transparency and the country “may be” worse off than when he took office.  There is little indication we are headed in the right direction. For how many years can George W. Bush be blamed. We all acknowledge Bush was not a good president but it’s Obama’s job, without blaming others, to improve our country.

If Romney clearly gets the word out in a simple, logical manner, he won’t be attacked by Democrats or Republicans.  He needs to stand clear of the noise. It may simply be the case that he could win the Republican nomination because there is no other front runner. And he could win the presidential election because the country is disgusted with Washington DC and the direction of the country.

But then again, things can change quickly. Twelve months before the previous election, we all thought Hillary Clinton was going to be president.

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One Response to “When no presidential campaign is the best campaign”

  1. Sal8989 said

    No way. If gets the nomination his track record will do him in.

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