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Calderóon to approach UN regarding the Occupied Territory of Texas

Posted by TopOfTheThread on September 24, 2011

occupied territory united nations

Background: In 1845, United States of America annexed the Republic of Texas and admitted it to the Union as the 28th state. The U.S. thus inherited Texas’s border dispute with Mexico; this quickly led to the Mexican-American War, during which the U.S. captured additional territory (known as the Mexican Cession of 1848), extending nation’s borders all the way to the Pacific Ocean (See

MEXICO CITY,Mexico- President Phelipe Calderóon of Mexico is in the process of submitting a formal proposal to the United Nations regarding the illegal annexation of Texas by the United States.

Speaking to reporters outside the capitol, Sr. Calderóon stated “The United States had illegally taken possession of the Northern Mexican territory known as “Territorio del Norte”.  This territory is rich in natural resources and is vital to our economy.  We demand this occupation ends immediately.  The world community supports our position and we are confident the UN will approve our proposal.  For over 150 years, the USA has occupied this territory and we now demand it ends. ”

In response to Sr. Calderóon’s comments, Manuel Embajador, USA Ambassador to Mexico, stated “It is our contention the region in question is a legitimate part of the state of Texas.  How long does an occupied territory, or “region in question”, remain “in question”.  It’s been a long time since the Mexicans owned that land.”

Sr. Calderóon stated he plans on submitting the proposal in October.

(This is a fictional press release that is relevant to recent events.)

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