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Let’s clarify something here – BUDGET? TAXES. COMPROMISE. (Go KRS)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on January 28, 2012

My friend KRS posted a great image on fb…. (I hope you don’t mind I borrowed it.)  Love it!  The people commenting on her wall spurred some thought…


Change is painful.  You may say the USA has been experiencing change since 2007-2008. Perhaps it’s permanent?  Who knows?

* * * * * * *

Let’s clarify something right here. REVENUE = TAXES.

Replacing the word TAXES with the word REVENUE is a brilliant marketing spin created by the Obama Administration .  It is still TAXES. . We are still paying these TAXES. And the government is still wasting our TAXES.  And we all know there is a tremendous amount of waste in spending our TAXES.

And by trying to increase TAXES (or as people drinking their “Kool Aid” say Revenue) it’s wasting even more TAX money.

The government is broken. Can it be made any simpler? Would you keep pouring water into a cracked bottle?  “… Oh let’s compromise… let’s only pour less water into the cracked bottle…”  The bottle is still leaking and we are still wasting water!

It’s painful but it is time to stop “kicking the can down the road” and not getting anything accomplished.  The government collects plenty of TAXES.  We are spending more than we bring in.

Kool AId Washington DC Beltway Politics

* * * * * *  *

I love it when the average citizen, drinks the Washington DC Kool Aid, and makes a reference about compromise.

The Obama Administration has been given the positive-media-created-label that they have “reached across the aisle” and “have been willing to compromise”.  This is strictly media spin.   And when you, the average citizen, hears something 10, 20, or 100 times, you start believing it.

This is a common format for President Obama reaching across the aisle:

  • Obama:  The drink for the meeting will be Hot Chocolate.
  • Republican:  We are allergic to chocolate so we disagree.
  • Obama: In that case we shall have Hot Cocoa.
  • Republican:  Hot Cocoa is also chocolate so we disagree with Hot Cocoa.
  • Obama: OK. In that case we shall have Swiss Miss.
  • Republican:  Swiss Miss is also chocolate so we disagree with Swiss Miss.

And then the Political Machine spreads the news that they have “reached across the aisle” and the other side is “unwilling to compromise”.

Get it?

Tea Party Politics Democrats Republicans

* * * * * * *

The Tea Party.  Domestic terrorists? You may hate them. You may say they are too extreme. I personally do not agree with them, but I respect their willingness to be the bad guys to achieve the common good.

Look closer at what they did. They were the only “group” willing to take a stand for change.

When The Tea Party wouldn’t blindly raise the debt ceiling and insisted on budget cuts, they were doing the right thing.  Everyone hated them. The media made them out to be villains. But they were the only ones not allowing Washington to “kick the can down the road” and continue on our path to bankruptcy.  Think about it.

Change is painful. Often there needs to be a “bad guy” to get things done.

* * * * * *
peace sign good bye democrats republicans obama

I have to go now.  We are contesting our PROPERTY REVENUE, and I need to complete the paperwork…

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