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School Lunch Fiasco

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 26, 2012

Whether you love or hate Bob, you must hear this story about a school lunch fiasco…

School lunch fiasco – government interference

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Inherently Setting up the Government for Failure: The U.S. Political System

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 26, 2012

The U.S. political system is inherently setting up for the government failure.  Why?

How do we select candidates?

There are primaries and caucuses.  Candidates spend their time and money campaigning to win these events.

Who votes in the primaries and caucuses?

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Typically, the people voting have very strong political opinions.  They are quite often “the extreme right” and “the extreme left”.  As a result, we end up with candidates such as Incumbent President Obama (extreme left), perhaps Santorum (extreme right), and perhaps Gingrich (extreme right).

Who are “We The People?”  

The majority of the general public considers themselves Independent, Republican or Democrat.  Let’s refer to the majority of the country as “We The People”.  “We The People”, in general, are open-minded to listening to logical ideas; ideas that fit the current situation and environment.

Remember, “We The People”  are not the typical people voting in a primary or caucus.“We The People”  hear a concept and determine if it makes sense to them.  “We The People”  don’t automatically label the idea a republican or democratic idea.  “We The People”  think of ideas in terms like

  • Does this make sense?
  • How would this affect me?
  • Is it good for the country?

What happens after the candidate gets the nomination?

The candidate’s party consolidates behind the candidate for fundraising and strategic purposes.

They, this political organization,  know (a) they needed the votes of the “extreme right or left” to get the nomination, but (b) now they  need to win over “We The People” to win the general election.  In other words, they now need to give the appearance of being somewhat moderate to win the votes of   “We The People” .

And, as we all know, they also need to posture and lobby big spenders to contribute to their campaigns. Wall Street. CEOs. Big business.  The top 1%.

So what happens after the win the general election?

We now have another President or Congressman whose TRUE views are Liberal (extreme Left) or Conservative (extreme Right).

They put their extreme political views before what is best for the country.

They are so extreme and closed-minded, they won’t agree with any ideas backed by “the other side of the aisle”.  And nothing gets accomplished.

And here we are… Again!

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