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Eli Manning – Overpaid and Overrated NY Giants Quarterback

Posted by TopOfTheThread on August 7, 2009

Check out the news from a few days ago…

  • ALBANY, N.Y. — Eli Manning has agreed to a new six-year, $97.5 million contract extension with the New York Giants that will make him among the highest-paid players in the NFL with an average salary of roughly $15.3 million, a source told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen…. See Eli Manning as agreed to…

  • Pretty amazing contract considering he may not be one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL.
    (He’s probably the third best quarterback in his family.)

    He is credited with getting to and winning the Super Bowl. His gun-toting buddy Plaxico Burress, was his savior during that run. Manning would throw passes that Burress would “go and get”. You can see how Manning’s productivity declined once Burress was missing from the field.

    Manning also benefits from having the best rushing offense in the NFL. Please take a look at the chart below. Plug in some of the other quarterbacks into the Giants… and consider how much of a better team they’d be…

    2008 NFL Team Rushing Statistics EliManningGIF2


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    Tapped: My sister is a soldier in Iraq

    Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 21, 2008

    Here is a chat with a young man from the west coast. The only information that has been changed is to protect the people’s identity. friend_of_TopOfTheThread’s sister is stationed in Iraq. His sister plans on attending medical school upon her return.

    It is interesting to get a soldier’s family member’s opinions… (Stay with it. It is a chat so it may seem out of order at times.) Date of chat 6/21/08

    US soldier with children in Iraq



    topofthethread: Does she get American news or newspapers?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: i think so

    topofthethread: I admire everyone over there. I think they are doing a great job.

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : do you have any relatives there?

    topofthethread: No but a buddy of mine is in the marines. He was overseas and now is back in quantico.

    topofthethread: Whether people agree or disagree with the “actions” overseas, it is important that our people feel supported

    topofthethread: Does your sister and her group feel supported by us?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : I agree! I think that they know we’re behind them. It might be a bit disconcerting to hear the spiteful remarks of self-proclaimed liberals though.

    topofthethread: I agree.

    topofthethread: I can’t stand to hear it.

    topofthethread: Does she feel like she’s in danger?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : it would be pretty naive if she didnt

    topofthethread: Overall yes. But constantly.

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: what I don’t get is the sheer number of people claiming how f—ing supportive they are of the war but never dared join up. most people have no clue what being deployed actually means. its so hypocritical.

    topofthethread: yep

    topofthethread: I would never imagine, pretend, to have any clue as to what it is like. We should simply 100% support the people.

    topofthethread: And we should have a real strategy.

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : being a relative of someone over there, I’m in favor of pulling the troops out as soon as possible. But everyone keeps telling me that this attitude would be destructive. how the heck would they know what’s best in this situation? noone does.

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: the war is a fact. all we can do now is try to make the best of it.

    topofthethread: Good point. The only fact is we have real, americans over there doing their jobs and risking their lives for us. That’s it. We do not know what would happen in any of the scenarios being presented.

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: exactly. but apparently, these real people have become a politcal toy.


    topofthethread: Does your sister’s superiors give her any indication as to how long this action will last?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : nothing definite

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : in the end, it comes down to gov policy

    topofthethread: how long is she enlisted for?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : for X years. XX months to go.

    topofthethread: You and your folks must be counting the minutes

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : yeah

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: i tried to talk her out of it, but she’s serious about studying, and we could never afford uni (we’re ‘XXXXXXXXXXees’), so…

    topofthethread: So she enlisted purely for the money for college?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: no, if so, there would have been alternatives, the money offered kinda settled the discussion

    topofthethread: Is she your younger sister?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: nope, older

    topofthethread: what would she say if you told her you were going to enlist?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: I think she’d try to persuade me not to do it.

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: after all, if all this was really for our country, and not just in the interest of it, I probably wouldn’t hesitate.

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: i don’t think the military would want me, though. I’m ….XXXXXXX

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: so…who are you gonna vote for?

    topofthethread: Not sure. For such a great country, the choices are… McCain has more experience but I am afraid he will follow the current administration’s path. (If they had a plan it would have helped. Obama…

    topofthethread: is this man of change but I have not seen any substance or answers.

    topofthethread: My decision has not been made… yet…

    topofthethread: And you?

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: not sure either. I don’t think experience is that important, after all, the president

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: is hardly gonna make any decisions without consulting his staff. And we live in a democratic system, so he doesn’t have that much power anyway. From the very start I was inclined to vote for Clinton, but she behaved crappily during the primaries.

    topofthethread: i g2g. I wish you and your sister all the best and her speedy / healthy return to you and your family. ……………………….

    friend_of_TopOfTheThread: ok

    *** window is closed


    Regardless of the political climate in the U.S. please support our troops.


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    Tapped: Early morning Yankee chat

    Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 20, 2008

    The other person is unaware the chat will be posted. All “tapped” postings have had their screen names changed to protect the innocent. Date: 6/20/08:


    (7:55:35 AM) TopOfTheThread: joba
    (7:59:47 AM) Friend_of_TopOfTheThread:

    The unbelievable story

    of Alfredo Aceves continues to grow as the 25 year-old RHP proved tonight he has no challenges left for him at AA-Trenton. Over eight scoreless innings Tuesday night, Aceves allowed just one hit, struck out four and walked two. Over six starts at AA, Mr. Aceves has a 1.64 ERA over 44 innings [7+ innings per start], striking out 33, walking just 5, with 33 hits and a ridiculous WHIP of 0.86.

    In the same game, Austin Jackson went 4-for-5, hit his fourth homer in as many games [his se

    (8:00:18 AM) Friend_of_TopOfTheThread:

    and look up mark melancon-the next joba-is being moved to scranton

    (8:00:57 AM) TopOfTheThread:

    looks good

    (8:01:02 AM) TopOfTheThread:

    but what about 2008?

    (8:01:26 AM) Friend_of_TopOfTheThread:

    he’ll be up in 2008 melancon is the closer of the future

    (8:03:14 AM) TopOfTheThread:

    the yanks are only 5 out of 1st and 3.5 out of the wildcard. Make the playoffs and you never know

    (8:05:03 AM) Friend_of_TopOfTheThread:

    I don’t think the season could have worked out better to this point-the infusion of youth, conversion of joba, adversity of monstrous injuries, and now this close.

    (8:06:37 AM) TopOfTheThread:

    Agreed. And now Chien-Ming Wang goes down. Forces them to look harder at their youth. Psyched.

    (8:09:22 AM) TopOfTheThread:

    (8:09:49 AM) TopOfTheThread:


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