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Who’s the rocket-scientist running this dysfunctional New York Knicks organization?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on December 20, 2014

Continuing the Knicks post (rant) from Nov 8th… ( )


 How long should we wait for a contending New York Knicks team? 

Oh yeah… how many years ago were we ‘tanking’ the season and playing the ‘salary cap game’? 4 years ago?

Oh yeah we were going to get Lebron James!   Are now we’re AGAIN ‘tanking’ to get Duke’s Jahlil Okafor? Are we? Is that the plan?

Two Bright Spots.

Amar’e Stoudemire seems “healthier” than in previous seasons but it would be a major accomplishment if he makes it through the season… I hope so, but really doubt it. If smart, the Knicks will keep him at 20 – 25 minutes per game.  He’s having a good year and it’s one of the few bright spots in a dismal season.  The other bright spot? Jason Smith.   It’s a shame no one notices it. See his stats. Give him 25 minutes. If you are going to run The Triangle Offense and need someone to hit an open ‘J’ (other than Melo), give it to Jason Smith.

The Triangle Offense.  The Triangle Offense.   The Triangle Offense.

That will save us!  You can have a triangle, parallelogram, or octagon offense… if you do not have talent you won’t win!   The Knicks have one player who would start on a GOOD NBA team; Carmelo Anthony.   Many of the other players are nice second team players but certainly not starters for a contending team.  (Even Amar’e should come off the bench.)

And Carmelo Anthony is not the prototypical team player.  He’s a great shooter and, on this team, one of the better passers. He is, by no means, a leader who makes the players around him better.   When the shot clock is down to 5, give it to Melo and there’s a good chance he’ll bail you out and score.  As far as the triangle, IMHO, it seems the offense may ruin his career.

Backward Logic and Strategy

Does everyone listen to ESPN Radio or other sports radio?   Recently there has been a lot of discussion about (football) quarterbacks and offensive schemes.    A good quarterback is an incredible asset and the scheme needs to meet his strengths.   The quarterback and team will not be successful if you do not leverage the strengths of the QB. You need to put him in a position to be successful.

The same hold true for basketball and the Knicks.  Carmelo Anthony is one of the top 5 – 10 players in the NBA.   Does The Triangle Offense fit his skill set?  The Triangle is a read-and-react offense.  Melo is a great scorer but does he have the basketball IQ to work in this scheme and  raise himself and his teammates to the next level.  I won’t pretend to know but he’s the Knicks $124 million asset and he’s not getting any younger. How long do you wait before implementing an offense that fits Melo’s skill set?

 Phil Jackson is New York’s Messiah

Before the season started everyone was excited about Phil Jackson coming to NY.  Well… it seems he’s come to NY at least part time ;).   All those championships!  The Zen Master!   Blah blah blah… The Triangle Offense… Oh come on…

As a Knick fan, I hope he has what it takes to be a general manager.  He’s never been a GM.

He has shown he can coach teams to NBA Championships with rosters stacked with 2-way Hall of Fame players.  Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen. Kobe Bryant. Shaquille O’Neal.

Does it take a certain type of personality to manage these stars’ personalities? Absolutely yes. Props to him.

Is Phil in the same situation here in NY? No.   Does he have the talent to convert a bottom dweller to a championship team? Maybe. Who knows? But he has no track record in these conditions.

I hope he can do it. 

Going Forward

Frankly, I am not sure why any star player would want to come to the Knicks.  It would seem the only reason Melo stayed is because he could sign for more money on his current team.

Sorry for all the gloom and doom.  Deep down I’m hopeful for a Knicks turnaround. It’s just hard being both a New York Knicks and Jets fan.


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On the cusp of the College Football Playoff – TCU, Ohio State, Baylor

Posted by TopOfTheThread on December 7, 2014

… Regarding the teams competing for the last spot in the college football playoff –  TCU, The Ohio State, and Baylor.

What is significant today?  Games against ranked opponents at that time… and now.

* Rankings used are the College Football Playoff Rankings listed on ESPN on 12/7/2014 @ 7:56 AM ET *

 To be ranked high early in the season is insignificant.  There is a lot of fluff mixed in.  Let’s look at TCU, The Ohio State, and Baylor’s games versus ranked opponents then and whether those games should be significant talking-points in relation to the College Football Final Four selection process.


  • TCU – Beats #4 Oklahoma 37-33 (@Home). Oklahoma is now #20.
  • TCU – Loses to #5 Baylor 61-58 (@Baylor) – Baylor is now #6 (Not a significant difference.) – Note: This was a shootout.  Seemed like an NBA All Star game where no one plays defense.  All Offense.  I would not heavily weigh this game.
  • TCU – Beats #15 Oklahoma State 42-9 (@Home) – Oklahoma State has been dropped from the rankings.
  • TCU – Beat #20 West Virginia 31-30 (@WV) WV has been dropped from the rankings. 
  • TCU – Beats #7 Kansas State 42-20 (@Home) KS is now #9

TCU has 3 wins against currently ranked opponents (#6, #9, #20) Their most dominant win versus a ranked opponent is beating #9 Kansas State 42-20.


  • Ohio State – Beats #8 Michigan State 49-37 (@Michigan State). Michigan State is now #8
  • Ohio State – Beats #25 Minnesota 31-24 (@Minnesota). Minnesota has been dropped from the rankings. 
  • Ohio State – Beats #13 Wisconsin 59-0 (@Neutral site) Wisconsin is now #13.

The Ohio State has 2 wins against currently ranked opponents (#8, #13) Their most dominant win versus a ranked opponent is beating #13 Wisconsin 59-0.


  • Baylor – Beats #9 TCU 61-58 (@Home) TCU is now #3.  Please see note above for opinion on this shootout.
  • Baylor – Beats #15 Oklahoma 48-14 (@Oklahoma). Oklahoma is now #20
  • Baylor – Beats #9 Kansas State 42-20 (@Home) Kansas State is now #9

Baylor has 3 wins against currently ranked opponents (#3, #9, #20) Their most dominant win versus a ranked opponent is beating #20 Oklahoma 48-14.

If you take out the Baylor-TCU “shootout” they each have 2 wins versus currently ranked teams.

 Personally, I see Ohio State being the team with the best chance of beating any of the 3 biggies (Alabama, Oregon, and FSU). Who knows?  That’s the beauty of it….

We’ll know the selection in 3.50 hours!




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Lots of College Football to go…

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 16, 2014

Lots of College Football to go… and it’s getting exciting to see who’ll be the four teams to make it the first college playoffs.

Here are some (a) quick and dirty comments on this week’s play and (b) my predictions for Tuesday’s committee rankings.

Hey, everyone’s allowed an opinion 😉


Question: Why are LIEUTENANT GENERAL MIKE GOULD and CONDOLEEZZA RICE on the selection committee?

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An Early Assessment of the NY Knicks

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 8, 2014

It’s a new season and this Knicks fan has a realistic assessment of the team.   So far, there’s not a lot to be excited about and, as far as “the triangle” offense… well, we’ll see.knicks-logo-png

Who are the Knicks?

  • Carmelo Anthony – Great scorer. Future Hall-of-Famer.  Not a particularly good team player. Does not make the players around him better ala Lebron James.  The Knicks need 25+ points from him every night with him shooting 45% and higher.  The other team needs to drawn to him on defense so other Knicks have a little bit of an easier time on offense.
  • Iman Shumpert – Good defensive player. Good athlete. Weak offensively.  He’s hit a few 3 pointers early this year which may be a problem.  If he starts thinking he’s a shooter, that will be a problem for the team.  The best thing he can do is (a) play tough defense and (b) on offense, drive hard to the basket. (That’s like when Charles Oakley was on the Knicks. If he hit his first ‘J’, he would think he was a scorer and take way too many shots.)
  • Jose Calderon – He’s so important to the team. If he can distribute the ball and be opportunistic with his scoring, he will be incredibly valuable to the team.  If he can produce, 10 points and 5 assists with minimal turnovers, that would be great.
  • J.R. Smith – If he can give the Knicks a shot of “instant offense”, and minimize his “stupidity”, he can be an important contributor.  It’s hard to count on someone who is so erratic with his play and behavior.
  • Amar’e Stoudamire – Needs to stay healthy.  If the Knicks can get 15-20 minute from him, it would be great for their offense.  He is a liability on the defensive side of the court.  The Knicks, in general, are not a great defensive team.
  • Jason Smith – The find! He’s been the best new addition to the team.  Has been a solid contributor and proven he can hit a jumper.  He should get more time on the court.  On offense, the Knicks can have him draw the other team’s big man away from the basket, which should open the lane for everyone else.
  • Shane Larkin – He can be a good backup PG.   He’s quick, pesky, and has quick hands.  He can be counted on for a steal or two per game.   I really like him in a backup, situational role where he is not counted on for offense.  He brings energy to the court.
  • Quincy Acy – Reminds me of the old-time Knicks. He can get in there play some ‘D’ and grab some boards.
  • Andrea Bargnani –  I don’t know what to think about Bargnani.  He can put it in the hoop but I don’t believe, if the Knicks turn out being a good team, he should be on the floor for more than 10 minutes.  What’s his role?  Bring him in to energize the team when they are “flat”?

That’s enough.

We have yet to really see the 2014-2015 NY Knicks.  We need to reserve judgement until Calderon gets back, and they have a real, experienced PG on the floor.

I’m a little scared that if they do not improve within 5-10 games of Calderon’s return, this may be a horribly painful year for the Knicks.

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House of Cards Isn’t The West Wing’s Polar Opposite — It’s Its Younger Cousin

Posted by TopOfTheThread on March 9, 2014

Love House of Cards! Love Netflix! Thanks for the great post!

jordan fraade

Been working on this Think Piece-y essay for awhile. I got a late start watching Season 2 of House of Cards, but after watching it and mulling it over, I think the similarities with West Wing are more striking than many people realize.

Also, thanks to the Twitter-er who pointed out that this needs a SPOILER ALERT for HoC.


House of Cards has already earned its place in history. Even if the series itself were an artistic disaster, the fact that it’s Netflix’s first original series, available for streaming and binging on the viewer’s own terms, signals an important shift in the way we watch and analyze TV. But what’s not new about the show is the way it creates a hermetically sealed D.C. Fantasyland for viewers to lose themselves in. Everything about the show furthers the impression that you’ve stepped into a different universe. The show is heavily…

View original post 1,351 more words

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The Ohio State Basketball and Aaron Craft

Posted by TopOfTheThread on March 9, 2014

#ohiostatebasketball #thadmotta Love Aaron Craft. Great D. Great Leader. Intelligent. No J. Must go to the hoop everytime!

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Obama, Clinton, and Cialis

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 4, 2013

So funny.  Obama and Hillary Clinton in a Cialis commercial.

Click to view - obama clinton cialis

Click to view – obama clinton cialis


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Who else met the girlfriend of Manti Teʻo ?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on January 18, 2013

Manti Teʻo girlfriend

Manti Teʻo

Manti Teʻo

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Where is my jeep?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 3, 2012

Thank you to WTF for this one.  It all goes back to “You can never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the public.”

Mexican smugglers tried to drive over the wall between the US and Mexico near Yuma, Arizona. They built a ramp but got stuck anyway. The smugglers left the car hanging and disappeared. Border patrol agents found the car perched atop the fence.

You really have to give them a ’10’ for creativity…


Stolen cars

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200 foot trees fall in Melville, NY (Hurricane Sandy, Long Island)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on October 31, 2012

Our street in the Huntington Hills section of Melville NY, Long Island...  (Notice the size of the trees in relation to the person standing behind the them.)

Hurricane Sandy Long Island NY Huntington Hills Suffolk County

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