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Funny, Stupid, Sexy, Political, and simply interesting photographs. (If you came in by entering a keyword in a search engine, you may need to scroll down to your photo. You may want to enter ctrl-F to search for the keyword.)

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Interesting  idea (from

Hot girls in bikinis peeing on each other …. not … .(

hot girls in bikinis peeing on each other .... not

Ever wonder what’s in bologna? Could it be camel? (camel bologna blood guts decapitated from

camel bologna blood guts decapitated

Disgusting pierced human being… gross!

disgusting gross pierced face tattoo ugly

Jets beat Bengals (wishful thinking)

Jets Bengals NFL

She only dates the long poles? (

She only dates the long poles sex lacrosse

Here kitty kitty… (photobucket)

Blood and guts … (photobucket Lucifers_Angel666)

Friday  February  20, 2009:

No intro necessary…


nick of

Saturday, November 22,2008:

Obama, Washington. Lincoln. HOPE


Saturday October 25, 2008:
Obama. Socialist. Sharing the wealth (re: Joe the Plumber), Karl Marx. Lenin

Saturday October 25, 2008:
Evolution. Obama. McCain. Funny.

Sunday October 5, 2008:
Funny, bugged eyed dog

Friday September 12, 2008:
Sarah Palin is just like us! Click here.

Friday September 5, 2008:
 Sarah Palin FAKE picture, Republican Vice President Candidate, and the hottest candidate we have ever had!
sarah palin picture hot

Thursday September 4, 2008:
 Sarah Palin FAKE picture, Republican Vice President Candidate, and the hottest candidate we have ever had!
sarah palin picture

Friday August 29, 2008:
Sarah Palin picture, Republican Vice President Candidate, and the hottest candidate we have ever had!
Sarah Palin beautiful hot vice president babe

Sunday August 17, 2008:
Republicans, Democrats… this is funny…
President George W. Bush falling off a Segway.
George Bush falling off Segway

Saturday August 16, 2008:
Hottest, and Bloodiest Murder
hottest bloodiest sexiest murder breasts

Friday August 15, 2008:
Dara Torres (Not Dana Torres) Hottest 41 Year Old Olympic Swimmer – Beijing 2008
Hot Dara Torres 41 year old Olympic swimmer

Thursday August 14, 2008:
Hottest Olympic Athlete – Beijing 2008
Hottest Olympic athlete babe

Monday August 11, 2008:
Let’s hear it for The Boss…
Bruce Springsteen will be playing at half time of the Super Bowl.
Bruce Springsteen The Boss at Half time of the Super Bowl

Monday August 11, 2008:
Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer from the University of Michigan…
Perhaps the best athlete ever from Michigan. Did you know he had ADHD?
Michael Phelps Olympic Swimmer University of Michigan

Sunday July 28, 2008:
What the heck is this hairy thing?
hairy bushy thing

Saturday July 26, 2008:
Montauk Monster, Long Island NY – Aaaaaahhhhh

Montauk Monster - What the heck is it?

Montauk Monster - What the heck is it?

Friday July 25, 2008:
Drunk Pumpkin puking – I can relate
drunk pumpking puking at school

Thursday July 24, 2008:
Hot married chick from University of Connecticut – Major?
hot married chick sexy from University of Connecticut

Wednesday July 23, 2008:
Equal Time… Duke fan’s license plate… UNC Blue SUCKS!
UNC Sucks Sux

Tuesday July 22, 2008:
Duke Sucks and take it out on Coach K. I hope he doesn’t look like that at the Olympics.
they say duke sucks Coach K basketball

Monday July 21, 2008:
The hottest girl at Notre Dame University – Sociology major
hottest girl at Notre Dame University

Sunday July 20, 2008:
Osama bin Laden went to the University Of Michigan (Wolverines) in Ann Arbour.
osama bin laden terrorist university of michigan

Saturday July 19, 2008:
would you eat this? I dare you to eat this.
I dare you to eat this crap

Friday July 18, 2008:
ugly turkeys – on purpose so they’re not chosen for Thanksgiving.
fugly animal turkey disgusting stupid

Thursday July 16, 2008:
Stupid dancing animated Halloween cat.
ugly animated dancing cat

Wednesday July 15, 2008:
The Middle East is in deep trouble. (Butt model please)
The middle east is in deep sh-t

Tuesday July 15, 2008:
Hot and sexy… Yankees Clean Up Hitter… Not ARod.. Not Madonna
hot and sexy NY Yankees cleanup hitter

Monday July 14, 2008:
Hot and sexy… I dare you…
hot, sexy no disgusting

Sunday July 13, 2008:
Katie Couric is having a bad face day.
katie couric is ugly

Saturday July 12, 2008:
1. This, Hillary Clinton, was almost the Democratic Party nomination for president. Perhaps our next VP?
2. I am so surprised that Bill Clinton cheated on his wife.
Hillary Clinton ugly face democrat nominee

Friday July 11, 2008:
George Bush as a shriner and monkey. Great picture. Love photoshop
George Bush President as shriner and monkey

Thursday July 10, 2008:
Screwed up face. Is it real or photoshop’d ?
screwed up messed up face

Wednesday July 9, 2008:
Big Dog… or Pony… Or Big Dog
worlds biggest dog

Tuesday July 8, 2008:
One of the best catches in major league baseball… ever… Gary Matthews Jr. (Pops was better.)
Gary Mathews Jr great catch baseball centerfield

Monday July 7, 2008:
ARod hates Britney Spears. Madonna too.
madonna britney spears arod kiss

Sunday July 6, 2008:
Hot sexy tongue. Go for it. Not now. Perhaps later.
hot sexy disgusting tongue

Saturday July 5, 2008:
Stupid hair do. Looks like a poodle.
stupid hair do poodle head blonde

Friday July 4, 2008:
Fans making fun of NY Yankee’s ARod’s affair with Madonna
arod having affair with Madonna Yankees fans

Thursday July 3, 2008:
Naked. Streaker at golf tournament. Check out butt.
naked runner at golf tournament chicago see ass

Wednesday July 2, 2008:
Diving competition. Nice, stupid looking face.
stupid looking face during dive

Tuesday July 1, 2008:
Illegal grabbing of testicles.
illegal grabbing of balls

Monday June 30, 2008:
Stupid Cat. Smart Bird
stupid cat smart bird

Sunday June 29, 2008:
Snot. Mucus. Don’t eat your buggers!
snot buggers mucus

Saturday June 28, 2008:
Funny Cat staring at a goldfish
funny cat picture staring at goldfish

Friday June 27, 2008:
Anorexic. Stupid Mirror. Distortion. Psychological issue.

anorexic. mirror mirror on the wall

anorexic. mirror mirror on the wall

Thursday June 26, 2008:
Clean Bodybuilder. No steroids. Photoshop’d ?
bodybuilder clean no steriods but balloons

Wednesday June 25, 2008:
Contortionist. Ouch. Girl most likely to be.. asked out… because….
contortionist gumby girl

Tuesday June 24, 2008:
Best catch ever made in an NFL Game. Giants Superbowl victory over Patriots 2008. David Tyree
NFL NY Giants Superbowl catch by David Tyree

Monday June 23, 2008:
Met her on a flight from Las Vegas to NY. Supermodel Sydonie Herrera. Nice Girl . Smart.
sydonie herrera supermodel

Sunday June 22, 2008:
Sexy girl. Hot Outfit. NOT.

sexy girl. hot outfit. NOT. Obese

Saturday June 21, 2008:
Sexy girl. Hot Outfit. — (Espiral Sheer and Lace babydoll)

sexy girl. hot outfit. lingerie see through

Friday June 20, 2008:
Hot girl. Hot Face.

hot girl. sexy girl. hot face.

Thursday June 19, 2008:
Funny! Cartoon Dog humping leg

Cartoon dog humping a leg

Wednesday June 18, 2008:
Not in my salad! Carrot with a penis

carrot with a dick

Tuesday June 17, 2008:
Fugly animal – what the heck is it?

fugly animal dog cat what the heck is it

Monday June 16, 2008:


Sunday June 15, 2008:
Longest ear hair

worlds longest ear hair

Saturday June 14, 2008:
No clue what animal this is.

what the heck is this animal

Friday June 13, 2008: “Friday the 13th”
Happy Valentines Day Honey. (8 Months Early)
Happy valentines Day Fat Fatter Fattest ever

Thursday June 12, 2008:
Ugly disgusting mouth. Lots of apple sauce for this fellow.

disgusting mouth tooth decay trench mouth

Wednesday June 11, 2008:
Beer goggles wouldn’t work on this fugly one. (Poor Subaru)

fugly girl beer goggle would not work

Tuesday June 10, 2008:
Nothing funny about this.

so ugly there is nothing funny about it

Monday June 9, 2008:
How the heck did this car accident happen?

car accident bizarre messed up

Sunday June 8, 2008:
Tough night. Major league puke.

disgusting puke vomit

Saturday June 7, 2008:
Advice: Never blow your nose if you have snakes in it.

snakes through the nose

Friday June 6, 2008:
Stick your head up your ass?

stick head up ass

Thursday June 5, 2008:
Cocks playing soccer.

cocks playing soccer

Wednesday June 4, 2008:
Women and their prizes control men even at a very young age.

women sex  control men even at a very young age

Tuesday June 3, 2008:
I just like this picture. Creative. Interesting.

funny creative artistic window

Monday June 2, 2008:
This is the ugly baby that will appear if you eat Twinkies while having sex

ugly baby twinkies topofthethread

Sunday June 1, 2008:
Nice nasal hair buddy! Disgusting
nasal nose hair disgusting

Saturday May 31, 2008:
How ugly are the girls at Purdue University (per Indiana University students)?
Purdue University has ugly girls per Indiana University

Friday May 30, 2008:
Python, Snake swallowing a sheep. Pretty amazing.
snake python swallowing sheep disgusting

Thursday May 29, 2008:
Barry Bonds’ workout partner.

steroids bizarre juice biceps disgusting

Wednesday May 28, 2008:
Don’t I know you?
ugly fat disgusting girls in bikinis beer goggles

Tuesday May 27, 2008:
Someone has to say it… Please say it… OK… “This one has a stick stuck up her ass”
this one has a stick stuck up her ass

Monday May 26, 2008:
This must hurt.
this must hurt snake bites head of man

Sunday May 25, 2008:
World Record for taking a crap. (Sure glad we can’t smell this one.)
world record for taking a crap

Satuday May 24, 2008:
People say dog owners look like their dogs. In that case, You are sooooo ugly!
You are so ugly if you have this ugly dog

Friday May 23, 2008:
You can always count on fans’ creativity.
funny signs by fans at NHL hockey game

Thursday May 22, 2008:
Ouuuuuuucch!!!!! (Animated gif)
balls on fire, dick

Wednesday May 21, 2008:
Big Fat Sumo Wrestler against a smaller opponent
Big fat sumo wrestler against a smaller opponent

Tuesday May 20, 2008:

What the f_ck?
what the f_uck?
Monday May 19, 2008:

Small Hooligan
small hooligan giving the finger

Sunday May 18, 2008:

Going Green (spoof)
going green sppof photo

Saturday May 17, 2008:

Jason Giambi sneaking back into his hotel wearing his batting practice thong…

Jason Giambi sneaking back into hotel wearing gold lame thong

Friday May 16, 2008:

haircut girl taking a dump

Thursday May 15, 2008:

stop sign? sotp sign?

Price of Gold <Not funny. Testing something>


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