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If you think MMA (or UFC) is Human Cock Fights, you don’t understand it

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 26, 2008

MMA is Mixed Martial Arts. UFC is simply one brand of MMA. UFC is leading the way to popularizing and making MMA a mainstream submission hold kimura ufc

People unfamiliar with MMA, see it as people just beating the crap out of each other. Presidential candidate John McCain went so far to call it “Human Cock Fights”.


Boxing is a violent sport. So are kick boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, and jiu jitsu. MMA is no more violent than any of those sports.

MMA is basically a combination of boxing + kick boxing + wrestling + judo + karate + jiu jitsu + Other_Martial_Arts

There is less punching in MMA than boxing. At times there may be more cuts and blood in MMA than boxing because of the weight of the gloves. MMA gloves weigh 5 ounces and boxing gloves weight 10 – 20 ounces. The kicking in MMA may also lead to additional cuts and blood.

The strategy is more complicated in MMA than in boxing or any other martial art. The participants need to decide whether to stay on their feet or take their opponent down. Should they strike or go for submissions? Or a little of each.

The true professionals are constantly thinking about the next move. It is almost like a physical chess game.

I watched 5 matches last night and none of them had any significant blood flowing. 3 of the 5 were stopped because of submission. This is when one of the fighters positions himself in a way that the other fighter “taps out” or gives up. (It is almost like when you wrestled with your friend and you made him say “uncle”.)

The other 2 matches were decided by the judges. All 10 participants walked away without any broken bones or serious damage. A few cuts. Yes. Not much more.

Not convinced? If you watched 10 matches and listened to the announcers, you would start to understand the strategy, strength, speed, and endurance involved in the sport.

Is MMA a violent sport like boxing or kick boxing? Yes. If you think it is just pure violence and “Human Cock Fighting”, you haven’t given it a chance and paid attention to the detail involved.


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(Cheating in sports) Give me Barry Bonds on steroids any day!

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 14, 2008

Do we realize the magnitude of what ex-NBA referee Donaghy is saying? If the NBA influenced the outcome of playoff games, this is devastating! (If this is true, perhaps wrestling’s Vince McMahon should take over for blog Commissioner David Stern)

* * * * * * * * * * *

As sports fans, all we ask is players give it their “all” and want to win.

There were, and always will be, cheaters. Cheating is wrong.

  1. Cheating to gain an advantage. A Problem.
  2. Cheating to lose. A Bigger problem.
  3. League involvement in cheating. An even BIGGER problem.

(Alleged) Examples of cheating to gain an advantage…

  • Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmero, Jason Giambi, Albert Belle (players) – allegedly used steroids human growth hormone, performance enhancing drugs to gain an advantage…
  • Gaylord Perry, Mike Scott, Joe Niekro (players) – spit balls, scuffing, doctoring the baseball to give it movement and to gain an advantage…
  • Bill Bellichick – (coach, team) Spy-gate – The NFL’s New England Patriots break the rules filming other teams and their coaches to gain an advantage…
  • Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery (olympic athetes) – used performance enhancing drugs to gain an advantage

Cheating. Wrong. Wanting to win. Right.

(Alleged) Examples of cheating to lose…

  • Eight members of the 1919 Chicago franchise were banned from baseball for throwing (intentionally losing) games, giving the victory to the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Boxers have often been accused of taking dives. There were multiple instances of George Foreman opponents taking dives.( )


Tim Donaghy, the NBA referee said he made NBA bets for four years, even wagering on games he worked. He also admitted recommending bets to high-stakes gamblers and collecting $5,000 if his picks hit.

Donaghy is now accusing the NBA of pressuring referees to influence playoff series.

He is a small time person scrambling to get a shorter sentence, but, if this turns out to be true, it will be devastating to the NBA and professional sports.

A league influencing the outcome of games. I, the sports fan, don’t want to hear it

I would much rather have Barry Bonds, trying hard and using steroids, than teams throwing games or leagues influencing outcomes.

Where is a sports fan to turn?

We need sports. We need to believe in the competition. We can’t start questioning every little thing that the “fix was on”… A missed free throw… A missed putt… An umpire blowing a call…


Note: While we’re on the subject, there is something fishy about the (potential Triple Crown Winner) Big Brown’s Belmont Stakes Race. Was the horse held back because they already had guaranteed money, and, if the horse was hurt or worse during the race, they would be risking the money. Hmmmm….

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