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How can I get an internship or job? Create a FaceBook, MySpace resume

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 11, 2007

Almost everyone has a FaceBook, MySpace, or other social networking account. It’s fun. Easy communications. Why not?

At times the pictures, comments and videos may be fun, but do not depict you properly in terms of getting an internship or job.

Here’s are suggestions using FaceBook:

  1. For your “real” FaceBook account, spell your name slightly differently. Communicate this to your friends, and believe me, you will still be able to network. Have fun with this account. Set it to private. The intent is to (a) have fun while (b) making it difficult for someone not on your extended network to find you.
  2. Have a second “public facing” FaceBook account. Let’s call it your “FaceBook Resume”. Set it up as if you are using it to convince and employer, or other professional organization, to bring you on board. Think about it. Join some professional groups…. Put on a show that you can speak-to when the employer finds the account. Be creative. You want the employer to find this account. It is to your benefit. And they are looking online to check you out! Also, once they find this account, they won’t continue looking for your “real”, fun account.

Also, in videos, do not tag yourself with your full name (prevents search… at least for today.)

That’s all.

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Should I Create a Video Resume?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 7, 2007

The subject of video resumes seems to come up more and more often.

Bottom line. When someone watches your video resume… You cannot rebut objections. You cannot read body language. You cannot rebut preconceived notions based solely upon your appearance.

In most cases, do NOT create create a video resume. In general; it’s a bad move. Please take a look at this video.

Some people will immediately have an opinion of this individual based upon his look, accent, or body language. He may be a great candidate for a position and he will not get the interview.

Of course if you are looking for a on-screen media opportunity, sales, or other appearance-related job, use your judgement, be careful, and consider creating one. Be careful.

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Who are you?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 6, 2007

Know who you are

When choosing a job or internship, you need to take a step back and look in the mirror.

Are you an outgoing person? Shy? Do you prefer working in teams or alone?

Do you enjoy standing in front of people and teaching? No? You probably should pass on the Corporate Trainer opportunity…

It will save you time and energy if you take a personal inventory right up front because many companies will “screen you” before they actually hire you.

More and more companies are having individuals go through the interview process and then have them taking psychological exams such as Myers-Briggs Typological Process.

Myers-Briggs is an exam that provides a personality profile. Typically given by a psychologist, many corporations use the results in hiring decisions.

You may want to take a look at take a test and see the results. Again, this is a quick online test but it may give you some insight as to (a) who you are, and (b) what to expect when taking such as exam.



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