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Brandon Jennings burns the NBA, NCAA, and the Players Association

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 23, 2008

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Other People’s Money. It relates to institutions making rules and the targeted parties working around the new rules….

Kate Sullivan: Someday, we’ll smarten up, change some laws, and put you OUT OF BUSINESS.brandon jennings high school basketball star
Lawrence Garfield (Danny Devito): You can change all the laws you want. You can’t stop the game. I’ll still be here. I adapt.


According to the NY Times (6.23.08, Sports Section) Brandon Jennings, a great high school basketball player, may work around the NBA’s minimum age rule by heading to Europe to play professional basketball.

To prevent high school players from jumping to the NBA, the NBA instituted a rule requiring a player to be at least 19 years of age and one year removed from high school.

So, the NBA, NCAA, and the NBA Players Association get together and require individuals to play at least one year in college, knowing (a) he has no desire to get a college education, (b) the schools benefit financially through tournament money, and (c) the coaches get additional recognition.

How does the player benefit from the deal? Hmmm….. He doesn’t…

Brandon Jennings adapted, worked around the rule, and found the loophole.

Head to Europe. Sign a short term contract to play professional basketball. Earn good money. Work on and improve skills. Get solid basketball experience against better talent than in college. Live like a rock star.

He may enjoy living and playing ball in Europe and choose NOT to head to the NBA!

Seems like a no-brainer. Congratulations Brandon.

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Colleges doing away with requiring standardized entrance exams? Bad idea!

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 30, 2008

Colleges doing away with requiring standardized entrance exams is a bad idea! The AP and reported “Wake Forest joins schools dropping SAT requirementcollege acceptances SAT ACT standardized tests

For years there has been a group of people screaming that the SAT and ACT exams are biased and do not predict the educational performance of an individual.

How else can we objectively compare students during the admissions process?


200 students apply to the University of TopOfTheThread (a very competitive school).

  • Each student has a 90 – 92 average, is in all Honors classes, and has made the Honor Roll every semester.
  • Each student has one school activity (school newspaper, or student council, or school yearbook)
  • Each student is involved with their house of worship.

So now what?

Let’s have all 200 kids come in for interviews? No way. Too much time. Too much expense.

Let’s look at their schools or school districts. (Is that fair?)
A 92 average in one school district is not the same as a 92 average in another school district. And if the SATs and ACTs get de-emphasized, no telling what unscrupulous school administrators will do! Can you imagine the pressure an administrator could get from the local politicians? Or businesses such as real estate companies? (Residential real estate tends to cost more in better school districts.)

If there is no objective 3rd party entrance exam, a school district can (1) show tremendous improvement in grades, as well as (2) show improvement in their students acceptances to better schools, by simply having the teachers give better grades. <Hopefully it wouldn’tt be that easy.>

And let’s not forget the ever increasing number of overseas students applying to U.S. Colleges? How do you compare the 92 average in China and India with the 92 in the U.S.?

Eliminating the standardized exams is a bad idea. Changing or having improved standardized tests is a better solution.

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Stupid sports videos

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 8, 2008

I love these videos…

… their parents must be proud…

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College Sports Gear
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Photos of Tatonka, South Dakota

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 4, 2008

Tatonka, South Dakota is a great educational visit for college and high schools students. It should be included in any western trip.

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Getting into college. Getting into Duke.

Posted by TopOfTheThread on April 27, 2008

If you really want to go to Duke… Here is what was overheard from a Duke alumnus. Take it for what is’t worth. Apply for the Duke Engineering school. You have a better chance of getting into that school than Duke in general. If you are not interested in engineering, perhaps it can get you in and then you can transfer. While this is a rumour, think about it.

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College Gear – Duke
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Michael Beasley vs Tyler Hansbrough — College Hoops

Posted by TopOfTheThread on April 15, 2008

Michael Beasley of Kansas State is headed to the NBA. He declared his intentions today. He will be a great professional player. Athletic. Talented. No doubt about it….

Let’s face it. Tyler Hansbrough of North Carolina “was” a great college player. The problem is a part of his college game was, often, he pushed and forced his way around. He won’t be able to do that when he plays with “adults” in the NBA.

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College and NCAA Gear

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What is the best way to cheat on a test?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on December 5, 2007

The obvious answer these days would be to “text message.”

The crew would like to get your answer… The best answer will be awarded $200. It’s worth checking out. Win $200?

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How can I get an internship or job? Create a FaceBook, MySpace resume

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 11, 2007

Almost everyone has a FaceBook, MySpace, or other social networking account. It’s fun. Easy communications. Why not?

At times the pictures, comments and videos may be fun, but do not depict you properly in terms of getting an internship or job.

Here’s are suggestions using FaceBook:

  1. For your “real” FaceBook account, spell your name slightly differently. Communicate this to your friends, and believe me, you will still be able to network. Have fun with this account. Set it to private. The intent is to (a) have fun while (b) making it difficult for someone not on your extended network to find you.
  2. Have a second “public facing” FaceBook account. Let’s call it your “FaceBook Resume”. Set it up as if you are using it to convince and employer, or other professional organization, to bring you on board. Think about it. Join some professional groups…. Put on a show that you can speak-to when the employer finds the account. Be creative. You want the employer to find this account. It is to your benefit. And they are looking online to check you out! Also, once they find this account, they won’t continue looking for your “real”, fun account.

Also, in videos, do not tag yourself with your full name (prevents search… at least for today.)

That’s all.

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Where are the best college videos?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 10, 2007

Some are right here:

  1. Simply stupid: Girls climb into dryer.

  2. Hillarious: Dumb Woman Tries to Wash Automatic Doors

  3. Sexy, Hot, Funny: Laundry Room Girl

  4. Spoof, Funny: Spoof of The Office by YouTube Giant, Nalts

  5. Just So College: Dry Ice Bomb Explosion Prank

… oh… and I almost forgot this one of a kid at SUNY Albany running with Fireworks in his ass!

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Where can I find an internship?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 9, 2007

Getting experience while in school makes it a whole lot easier getting a job after graduation. Let me re-phrase … At times, it may be almost impossible to get a job after graduation if you do not have an internship or related experience.

A good source of internships is InternZoo, as well as the job behemoths and CareerBuilder. These sites will allow you to easily search and apply for internships throughout the U.S. I definitely recommend checking out these sites.

A new organization which is launching in late November / early December is This is an organization that will be providing internship assistance, screening for students and will “hand deliver” (not literally) the appropriate candidates to the hiring companies. If you are interested in pre-registering for the Free service, visit

Go for it!

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