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Happy Thanksgiving – Yes Honey – Now we can keep the Jets game on during holiday dinner

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 25, 2010

Note to the Mrs. : Now you have someone to root for on the NY Jets.  The Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez,  in addition to being a clutch performer on the field, loves the culture of New York.  When he is off the field he loves attending Broadway plays.   He even keeps the soundtracks to Broadway plays in his car!  (Just like you.)   He even likes the same plays as you!

Note to self: If going on a long car trip with Mark Sanchez, make sure to empty his CDs out of the car before starting the trip.

*  *  * *  *  *  *  *  *

This is a very, very interesting video story about the New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Click to watch the video.

Mark-Sanchez-NY Jets- NFL-Football- Broadway-Plays

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Jets Get Manning

Posted by TopOfTheThread on January 19, 2010

I wish I was a good artist, but I’m not!

Go Jets!

NY Jets will get to Peyton Manning

NY Jets will get to Peyton Manning

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Is Tim Tebow the Tyler Hansbrough of football?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on January 2, 2010

Here’s a thought … (we did watch the Tebow cam)

Is Tim Tebow the Tyler Hansbrough of football?

  • Both had exceptional collegiate careers.
  • Both won NCAA Championships.
  • Both won the top collegiate individual awards (player of the year and Heisman Trophy)
  • Both are hard-working, good citizens.
  • Both will have difficult times in their professional sports (NFL, NBA). Hansbrough may actually have a better chance of making a “good length” career in the NBA than Tebow  in the NFL.

Congratulations to Tim Tebow on a great collegiate career. Please be open-minded in the NFL.  You may need to be a part-time hybrid quarterback and receiver.  Get in the league and show your value. All the cards will then fall into place. We wish you the best.


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Cincinatti’s Brian Kelly embarrasses himself and ‘disses’ the University of Cincinnati players

Posted by TopOfTheThread on December 12, 2009

So Brian Kelly is taking the Notre Dame Football Head Coaching position.

Congratulations Mr. Kelly and ND University.

Why couldn’t it wait until after The Sugar Bowl?

It smells like ND flex’d and Brian Kelly jumped. Notre Dame is one of  the most powerful programs in the country. Of course it is a job that Kelly would want.

By announcing the move when The University of Cincinnati is undefeated and headed to The Sugar Bowl, it’s showing lack of class.  It is disrespecting University of Cincinnati. It is disrespecting University of Cincinnati players.

Shame on you Notre Dame.  Shame on you Brian Kelly. Mostly shame on you Notre Dame. You had the power to had handled this with class and you dropped the ball.

You have set a poor example today’s youth — exactly who you are supposed to be educating.

Go Bearcats!


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Eli Manning – Overpaid and Overrated NY Giants Quarterback

Posted by TopOfTheThread on August 7, 2009

Check out the news from a few days ago…

  • ALBANY, N.Y. — Eli Manning has agreed to a new six-year, $97.5 million contract extension with the New York Giants that will make him among the highest-paid players in the NFL with an average salary of roughly $15.3 million, a source told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen…. See Eli Manning as agreed to…

  • Pretty amazing contract considering he may not be one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL.
    (He’s probably the third best quarterback in his family.)

    He is credited with getting to and winning the Super Bowl. His gun-toting buddy Plaxico Burress, was his savior during that run. Manning would throw passes that Burress would “go and get”. You can see how Manning’s productivity declined once Burress was missing from the field.

    Manning also benefits from having the best rushing offense in the NFL. Please take a look at the chart below. Plug in some of the other quarterbacks into the Giants… and consider how much of a better team they’d be…

    2008 NFL Team Rushing Statistics EliManningGIF2


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    Jets Fans – One Year Ago

    Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 17, 2009

    Hey fellow Jets fans… This is where we were a year ago…

    Good riddance! Welcome Mark Sanchez!

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    NY Jets vs Tennessee Titans – another broken heart – not

    Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 23, 2008

    (It’s 2 hours before the start of the Jets / Titans game…)

    A Jets fans broken heart

    A Jets fans broken heart

    We, Jet fans have been waiting for a long time for a championship.  As Jet fans we get excited time after time only to have our hearts broken (time after time.) We have learned to be cautiously optimistic as a defense mechanism.

    Today is the day we finally get our due.  Last week we beat the Patriots. This week we will beat the Titans. (It would be interesting if the Jets wore their Titans uniforms today ;>) )

    How did we get here?

    The Jets organization did a great job in the off season. They improved their offensive line.  They improved their defensive line.  Of course there is also the Favre deal.  But the Favre deal was icing on the cake. They improved the foundation of the team before Favre was in the picture.

    Realistically, the Jets can win today. They will win today. Yeah, the Jets WILL win today. (It’s still hard to convince myself.)

    (original photo

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    ESPN (OTL), Penn State Football incidents and elite athletes

    Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 28, 2008

    ESPN (Outside the Lines 7.27.08 ) did a story on Penn State University Football players getting in Cheerleaders Penn State trouble off the field. They have been getting in fights, drinking, and other troublesome activities.


    I don’t have the answers but none of this should be unexpected.

    Elite athletes, such as Division 1 football players, are recognized at young ages. By the time they are in Junior high school, people are kissing their butts, telling them how great they are, and at times, are being contacted by colleges.

    By the time they are in high school, everyone is kissing their butts, colleges are visiting, and they are constantly being told they are special. They naturally start feeling they are better than others and rules do not apply to them. At practice and on the field they are trained to be aggressive, give 100% effort, protect teammates, and leave it all on the field…

    So now they accept a scholarship to a big time Division 1 footbal school. Everyone kisses their butts. Girls want them. They get to “cut the line” on their class schedules so they can make practices and games. They generated press and dollars for the university so the administration kisses their butts. They continue to be treated special and feel the rules don’t apply to them….

    … and, realistically, the rules don’t appy to them….

    So now you have a 20 year old kid who is getting in trouble or fights? Since he was 13 years old, he has been told is special and (directly or indirectly) that the “rules” don’t apply to him .

    Are we surprised? Actually, we should all be surprised this isn’t happening more often on more campuses.


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    Everytime I watch the Yankees they lose (sports and superstitions)

    Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 6, 2008

    I just put on the NY Yankees game against the Kansas City Royals. It was the 5th inning and the score waslucky rabitts foot superstition sports tied at 0-0. Within 5 minutes of my putting the game on, KC scored. I immediately thought to change the channel because I was bringing bad luck. Rasner (NYY) had been pitching well up until that point, so I changed from the YES Network to TNT where Cast Away (Tom Hanks) was on.

    Sounds crazy? Irrational? In one way or another, most sports fans do it!

    Does this sound familiar, or similar, to you, or your favorite sports fan?

    When we were in SUNY Albany, during football season, we watched the Jets every Sunday. Without fail, if they started to play well, no one was allowed to move, switch seats, go get a beer (yes, believe it) or go to the bathroom. Did it work? Sometimes. But it definitely would not have worked if we didn’t follow the ritual.

    Duirng one Yankees season, I always sat on the floor at the foot of of my bed. Every game. The Yankees finished in 1st place and won the World Series. (I also wore out the carpet in the bedroom and had to pay to replace it.)

    During Jets season, the Wayne Chrebet Bobble Head had to be on the mantle during the Jets game. (Obviously this only works so well in that the Jets haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1969.)


    Another good one was, at school, we always drank Coors Light during football games.

    There are more seemly sill superstitions or patterns, but that’s enough for now.

    If you are a real sports fan, I am sure you have plenty of your own.

    BTW – I still have Cast Away on the TV and the Yankees lost 2-1… They would have probably lost 5-1 if I watched the game…

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    Hey Mike And Mike – What is a sport?

    Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 1, 2008

    I Love ESPN SportsCenter and ESPNradio — but what is a sport?

    sports espn

    I watch SportsCenter at least once a day. First thing in the morning. Religiously.

    Their format is great. The stories are interesting. I am a perfect fit for their demographic.

    I enjoy the major and less-than-major sports. American sports. European. Austrailian. You name it, I watch it.

    Hey – The World Series Of Poker is not a sport. I enjoy the coverage and watch it. (Why is watching poker on TV interesting? The reason this is so popular is because of the voyeuristic aspect of seeing everyone’s cards. One of the other TV stations showed a few hands in which you could only one hand — not interesting — you can do that on your own with your buddies.)

    Yes – I even watch some of the Spelling Bee. Entertaining. Yes. A sport? No.

    Watch this video. How entertaining is it?

    My questions are (1) What is a sport? and (2) What next will ESPN start broadcasting that is not a sport?

    Click: Let’s Ask Mike And Mike on espnradio … Let’s not forget the hot dog eating contests too!

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