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When no presidential campaign is the best campaign

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 30, 2011

Mitt Romney has been conspicuously quiet. No comments on the debt ceiling?

Doesn’t Mitt Romney look like a president?

It is interesting to note how Mitt Romney has stayed clear of everything going on in Washington. Little exposure. Few comments.

  • Right or wrong – Michelle Bachmann  will  continue to speak in her extreme ideas and will be picked apart by the media and Democrats
  • Right or wrong – Sarah Palin has the flaky, media-exaggerated, reputation, and will “probably” not be taken seriously.
  • Right or wrong – Tim Pawlenty is a long shot and is now “playing games” with Michelle Bachmann.
  • Right or wrong – Newt Gingrich is too extreme and has no shot at the nomination.
  • Right or wrong – Herman Cain has some interesting points but is way behind.
  • Right or wrong – Rick Perry. Although Texas is probably the most successful economic state, unfortunately Texas = George W. Bush.
  • And Right or wrong – President Obama has broken his promises of transparency and the country “may be” worse off than when he took office.  There is little indication we are headed in the right direction. For how many years can George W. Bush be blamed. We all acknowledge Bush was not a good president but it’s Obama’s job, without blaming others, to improve our country.

If Romney clearly gets the word out in a simple, logical manner, he won’t be attacked by Democrats or Republicans.  He needs to stand clear of the noise. It may simply be the case that he could win the Republican nomination because there is no other front runner. And he could win the presidential election because the country is disgusted with Washington DC and the direction of the country.

But then again, things can change quickly. Twelve months before the previous election, we all thought Hillary Clinton was going to be president.

(Note: Image of man with finger up is from

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Funny Video spoofing Bill Clinton’s Support for Obama

Posted by TopOfTheThread on September 30, 2008

President Bill Clinton, and Senator Hillary Clinton, have provided great support for Democratic Presidential Candidate Obama. Here is a great video documenting Bill’s efforts.

(Source Thanks PC.)

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Obama helps Clinton, McCain helps Giuliani – manage your budgets!

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 7, 2008

In April… John McCain’s manager Rick Davis e-mailed the senator’s top fundraisers asking they help Giuliani retire the debt he incurred before dropping out of the Republican primary race…. “While this is an unusual request, it is extremely important for the McCain campaign and the party,” Davis wrote. (from

In June… Senator Barack Obama asked his leading fund-raisers to assist retire the campaign debt of Senator Hillary Clinton. (from

When did candidates start paying off other candidates’ campaign debt?

Shouldn’t our “supposed” leaders be expected to manage their campaign budgets?
Americans are in a credit crunch. Look all around us at all the “for sale” and “foreclosure” signs popping up. Our leaders tell us to to manage our personal credit and debt carefully.

And then our leaders (candidates) are spending money they don’t have…

It seems we have leadership living by the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do”.

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Tapped: My sister is a soldier in Iraq

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 21, 2008

Here is a chat with a young man from the west coast. The only information that has been changed is to protect the people’s identity. friend_of_TopOfTheThread’s sister is stationed in Iraq. His sister plans on attending medical school upon her return.

It is interesting to get a soldier’s family member’s opinions… (Stay with it. It is a chat so it may seem out of order at times.) Date of chat 6/21/08

US soldier with children in Iraq



topofthethread: Does she get American news or newspapers?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: i think so

topofthethread: I admire everyone over there. I think they are doing a great job.

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : do you have any relatives there?

topofthethread: No but a buddy of mine is in the marines. He was overseas and now is back in quantico.

topofthethread: Whether people agree or disagree with the “actions” overseas, it is important that our people feel supported

topofthethread: Does your sister and her group feel supported by us?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : I agree! I think that they know we’re behind them. It might be a bit disconcerting to hear the spiteful remarks of self-proclaimed liberals though.

topofthethread: I agree.

topofthethread: I can’t stand to hear it.

topofthethread: Does she feel like she’s in danger?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : it would be pretty naive if she didnt

topofthethread: Overall yes. But constantly.

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: what I don’t get is the sheer number of people claiming how f—ing supportive they are of the war but never dared join up. most people have no clue what being deployed actually means. its so hypocritical.

topofthethread: yep

topofthethread: I would never imagine, pretend, to have any clue as to what it is like. We should simply 100% support the people.

topofthethread: And we should have a real strategy.

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : being a relative of someone over there, I’m in favor of pulling the troops out as soon as possible. But everyone keeps telling me that this attitude would be destructive. how the heck would they know what’s best in this situation? noone does.

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: the war is a fact. all we can do now is try to make the best of it.

topofthethread: Good point. The only fact is we have real, americans over there doing their jobs and risking their lives for us. That’s it. We do not know what would happen in any of the scenarios being presented.

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: exactly. but apparently, these real people have become a politcal toy.


topofthethread: Does your sister’s superiors give her any indication as to how long this action will last?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : nothing definite

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : in the end, it comes down to gov policy

topofthethread: how long is she enlisted for?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : for X years. XX months to go.

topofthethread: You and your folks must be counting the minutes

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: : yeah

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: i tried to talk her out of it, but she’s serious about studying, and we could never afford uni (we’re ‘XXXXXXXXXXees’), so…

topofthethread: So she enlisted purely for the money for college?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: no, if so, there would have been alternatives, the money offered kinda settled the discussion

topofthethread: Is she your younger sister?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: nope, older

topofthethread: what would she say if you told her you were going to enlist?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: I think she’d try to persuade me not to do it.

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: after all, if all this was really for our country, and not just in the interest of it, I probably wouldn’t hesitate.

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: i don’t think the military would want me, though. I’m ….XXXXXXX

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: so…who are you gonna vote for?

topofthethread: Not sure. For such a great country, the choices are… McCain has more experience but I am afraid he will follow the current administration’s path. (If they had a plan it would have helped. Obama…

topofthethread: is this man of change but I have not seen any substance or answers.

topofthethread: My decision has not been made… yet…

topofthethread: And you?

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: not sure either. I don’t think experience is that important, after all, the president

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: is hardly gonna make any decisions without consulting his staff. And we live in a democratic system, so he doesn’t have that much power anyway. From the very start I was inclined to vote for Clinton, but she behaved crappily during the primaries.

topofthethread: i g2g. I wish you and your sister all the best and her speedy / healthy return to you and your family. ……………………….

friend_of_TopOfTheThread: ok

*** window is closed


Regardless of the political climate in the U.S. please support our troops.


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2008 Presidential Election and Media Influence

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 14, 2008

The media always influences, or attempts to influence, your thoughts.

Barak Obama Hillary Clinton John McCain

Certain TV stations are Democrat-biased. Others Republican-Oriented .The subtly of the biases varies.

I really like this example:

The anti-McCain bias jumped off the page.The cover of Direct Magazine ( June 2008. Obama is presented as the happy, good looking, approachable, high-tech person. Hillary Clinton is drawn as a cheating, bug-eyed person. John McCain is presented as an old, asleep-at-the-wheel candidate.

There’s no arguing Obama is the winner in this presentation.

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America’s First Female President – the winning democratic ticket

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 19, 2008

We’re going through tough times. The economy. Terrorism. War. And one of the most horrendous administrations in U.S. history.

As I had written earlier, the 2004 presidential election was a slam dunk for the democrats. Bush had a poor term and the democrats, with a “decent” candidate and “decent” campaign strategy, should have won the office.

But it didn’t happen. Obama and Oprah Winfrey

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

So now we have McCain, Obama, and Clinton vying for the top office in our land. Not too much to cheer about.

  • A republican distancing himself from the republican president (rightfully so)
  • A Chicago extreme liberal who is inexperienced and making inroads because of the web 2.0 generation.
  • A democrat who is hated by the left and the republicans

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The American public loves seeing and knowing celebrities. That is why we have people like Susan Sarandon, Alec Balwin, and other famous people on their soapboxes in politics.

The public sees them on TV and movies and, for some reason, thinks their opinions count more than other people’s opinions. Some of them are intelligent and knowledgeable. Others not.

During the run of “West Wing”, Martin Sheen would have received many votes for the presidency.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

In all seriousness, there is someone on TV who is intelligent and would do a good job in politics; Oprah WInfrey. She is sincere, extremely intelligent and has a strong following.

If Oprah ran for congress, she would win. After a few terms, she could win the presidential nomination. Imagine a Oprah and Obama ticket where Obama was the VP.

Silly? Think about Arnold.

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