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Jets Get Manning

Posted by TopOfTheThread on January 19, 2010

I wish I was a good artist, but I’m not!

Go Jets!

NY Jets will get to Peyton Manning

NY Jets will get to Peyton Manning

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Jets Fans – One Year Ago

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 17, 2009

Hey fellow Jets fans… This is where we were a year ago…

Good riddance! Welcome Mark Sanchez!

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Everytime I watch the Yankees they lose (sports and superstitions)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 6, 2008

I just put on the NY Yankees game against the Kansas City Royals. It was the 5th inning and the score waslucky rabitts foot superstition sports tied at 0-0. Within 5 minutes of my putting the game on, KC scored. I immediately thought to change the channel because I was bringing bad luck. Rasner (NYY) had been pitching well up until that point, so I changed from the YES Network to TNT where Cast Away (Tom Hanks) was on.

Sounds crazy? Irrational? In one way or another, most sports fans do it!

Does this sound familiar, or similar, to you, or your favorite sports fan?

When we were in SUNY Albany, during football season, we watched the Jets every Sunday. Without fail, if they started to play well, no one was allowed to move, switch seats, go get a beer (yes, believe it) or go to the bathroom. Did it work? Sometimes. But it definitely would not have worked if we didn’t follow the ritual.

Duirng one Yankees season, I always sat on the floor at the foot of of my bed. Every game. The Yankees finished in 1st place and won the World Series. (I also wore out the carpet in the bedroom and had to pay to replace it.)

During Jets season, the Wayne Chrebet Bobble Head had to be on the mantle during the Jets game. (Obviously this only works so well in that the Jets haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1969.)


Another good one was, at school, we always drank Coors Light during football games.

There are more seemly sill superstitions or patterns, but that’s enough for now.

If you are a real sports fan, I am sure you have plenty of your own.

BTW – I still have Cast Away on the TV and the Yankees lost 2-1… They would have probably lost 5-1 if I watched the game…

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