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If Jose Reyes was on The Yankees…

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 20, 2010

If Jose Reyes was on The Yankees, he would be the Yankee Centerfielder.Jose Reyes On the Yankees Mets

The current Yankee infield is Mark Teixeira (1B), Robinson Cano (2B), Derek Jeter (SS), and Alex Rodriguez (3B).  He is not displacing Jeter from SS.  And there is no way he would displace Cano, Rodriguez,  or Teixeira.

I suppose some Mets fans would argue he’s better than Jeter but he’s never consistently shown it.  Interesting.

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NY Mets: Fire Willie; Trade Reyes; Cut out the Cancers

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 17, 2008

The NY Mets are in a horrendous place as a major leajose reyes mets bad attiitude no hustlegue baseball team.
Lots of talent. Poor effort. Bad attitudes.

Unfortunately, Willie Randolph is not a “fit” for this team. He is a good baseball man, it is just the dynamic of the personalities of the players and Willie, does not work. He must go. Done.

Contributing to the problems is their oh-so-physically-talented shortstop Jose Reyes. He does not hustle and has a bad attitude. He is a cancer. He theoretically is their lead-off hitter, leader, and should be setting the tone of the game. He must go. The Mets can get some talent for him.

Carlos Delgado’s contributions to the team have declined dramatically. He has also exhibited a less than positive attitude. He must go. The Mets can get something for him. An American League team can use him.

These are the first steps to the Mets getting back on track. They will still have good talent and pitching. New fresh leadership. And less problems with attitudes.


Note: Willie Randolph was fired between the time this was written and posted. Best of luck Willie. The Mets were not a good fit for you.


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Jose Reyes – Mets should hire a team psychologist

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 16, 2008

Met fans…

Baseball is a great sport. Hate the Yankees as much as you want. The salaries. Whatever. But the YankeesJose Reyes, NY Mets, baseball always have heart.

The Mets will not “win” until they get rid of Jose Reyes (among others). He is an example of a player with all the physical talent in the world. Physically he is a hall of famer. Psychologically he belongs in double-a.

He is a head case and does not hustle. Remember his not running out balls the end of last year. That “record setting” last year.

It starts at the top. The hustle and attitude starts there. The Mets need a Lenny Dykstra type at the top… Perhaps they should get a team psychologist.

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