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Donnie Walsh, Mike D’Antoni — It’s Your Move

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 13, 2008

The Knicks’ Donnie Walsh fires Isiah Thomas as coach. Good move.

Donnie Walsh, NY Knicks

The Knicks’ Donnie Walsh hires Mike D’Antoni. Bad move… but was there a good move to be made?

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The Knicks are not a talented team. They are also a team that does not hustle nor plays defense.

Teams may have good and poor shooting nights. Teams will have good and poor offensive games. There is absolutely no excuse for not playing good defense EVERY game. It is simply a question of hustle and heart.

This team has neither… It’s a team without a lot of talent, with out-of-shape players, and no hearts.

What will Mike D’Antoni do to improve the team?

  • They don’t have the makeup of a run and gun team.
  • They don’t have the makeup of a defensive teamMike D\'Antoni, NY Knicks
  • They don’t have the makeup of a smart, cerebral half-court team.

What’s left?

Here are a few suggestion for Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni

  1. Trade Zach Randolph
  2. Trade Eddy Curry
  3. Trade Stephon Marbury
  4. Package anything you can to move up in the draft to get Michael Beasley
  5. Training camp must be boot camp.

Once this crew is in shape, this must be defensive minded team. Over the next 2 years, trade for, and draft talented players.

Good Luck Mike D’Antoni.


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