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Cars Honking at Traffic Lights – There’s No Place Like Home

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 5, 2008

I live in NY.

When getting outside the NY area, people do not immediately honk their car horns when the traffic light turns green. In NYC, and Long Island, if you do not immediately hit the gas when the light turns green, you will be honked at…

I have been doing a good amount of traveling the last few weeks. I visited Westport, CT (pleasure), Lenox, MA (pleasure), Baltimore, MD (business), New York, NY (business), Long Island, NY (pleasure). I always know when I am getting close to home (NY) because people are less patient and honk faster when the light turns green

I decided to put a stopwatch in my car. Whenever I was 1st at a red traffic light, I would wait up to 5 seconds when the red light changed to green. How long would it take for people to start honking at me?

(Chart contains the location and the time in seconds it took for someone to honk when the light changed from red to green)

how quickly do people honk when traffic lights change from red to green

how quickly do people honk when traffic lights change from red to green

As it turned out. and as expected, people in NYC honked the quickest and Long Island was the second fastest. There’s no place like home!

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To Boston Red Sox and NY Mets fans who feel the Yankees’ Derek Jeter is overrated…

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 8, 2008

To Boston Red Sox and NY Mets fans who feel Derek Jeter is overrated…

For years Boston Red Sox fans hate and scream obscenities at Derek Jeter. My favorite is a saying on a t-shirt that is sold around the corner from Fenway… “Jeter Swa????s”. Kudos. Funny. Creative. Derek Jeter, NY Yankees

The Mets fans whining that Jeter is overrated. That’s simply the green-eyed monster in Flushing. (Great finish last year boys.)

Jeter will be a 1st ballot Hall Of Famer…lifetime .310+ hitter… 3-time Gold Glove Winner…. 4-time World Series winner… 8-time All Star…

In addition to Jeter’s World Series rings, All Star trophies, Gold Gloves, money, etc… he has dated, or been connected with, 6 of the top 100 models on Maxim’s Top Model List.

We never again want to hear that Derek Jeter is overrated! All the stats, trophies and now the women!!! Case Closed.

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