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Confession of an honest cop – street justice?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 4, 2008

This is the conundrum of knowing what is right, and yet understanding why something “wrong” also makes sense.

We all know a cop should stay within the law. We all know what Paul (a fake name) did was absolutely wrong. This is meant to illustrate how and why a cop may do scales of justice copssomething out-of-bounds.


Paul is a college graduate, varsity athlete, honor student, who had never gotten in any type of trouble with the law. Upon graduation from college, he decided to take the NYC Police Department Exam. He scored well and was admitted to the NYPD Academy. He promptly graduated and has been walking a beat for the past 3 years. Everyone likes Paul. He’s just a good down-to-earth guy.

Interested in police work, I was chatting with Paul about the day’s events.

Paul and his partner had apprehended a mugger. A big guy. Probably 6’3″, 230 lbs. 25 years old. The mugger had grabbed an 80 year old women’s pocket book, knocked her to the ground, punched her in the face, and ran off.

Paul said we caught the guy later in the day. He had the lady’s jewelry on him. We cuffed him. Made a quick stop on the way to the station house, and booked him.

I asked him what he meant by “made a quick stop on the way to the station house…”?

“Well, we brought him to a secluded alley, roughed him up a little, and then brought him to the station.”

I was so suprised to here this. Paul was Mr. Clean Cut, and this was totally unexpected. “Paul, you beat the guy up? What gives you the right to do that?”

His reponse: “He didn’t need to punch the old lady. He had her pocketbook. She could not fight back. He had what he wanted and decided to hurt her. He is going to be back on the street in a few hours. He will remember our beating and hopefully not do it again. The court system is not going to prevent him from snatching another purse. Hopefully, our lesson to him will prevent him from hurting the next lady.”

I understood. Disagreed. I guess when officers say “Do the right thing”, this is what they mean.

At that point I realized I had absolutely no clue what it is like to be a police officer.


We all know we need some major changes. I wish someone had some answers.

I lost touch with Paul. I will never lose this story.


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Yankees moving Joba Chamberlain to starting rotation — BIG MISTAKE!

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 22, 2008

The main issue this year has been the lack of run production. ARod and Posada have been out. Many of the other players have been producing below average offensively.(As you may remember, last year ARod single-handedly carried the Yankees through April and part of May. He has already hit 2 home runs in 2 gams… Really 3 home runs but we’ll discuss that on a later date.)

Joba Chamberlain of the New York Yankees

The Yankees will hit this year.

The Yankees moving Joba Chamberlain to the starting rotation is a BIG mistake.

While the Yankees have had a bad year, their pitching strategy has been solid.

  • Get the starting pitcher through the 1st 6 inning. (Mussina is a good example of this.)
  • Have Kyle Farnsworth, Jose Veras, or Latroy Hawkins pitch the 7th inning
  • Have Joba Chamberlain pitch the 8th inning
  • And have Mariano Rivera pitch the 9th

  • This has worked well for Mike Mussina (until his last start)
  • This strategy lets Pettitte only concern himself about 6 innings. (He is getting older)
  • Chien-Ming Wang can pitch as many innings as he wants.

This allows the Yankees to also have “starting pitching by committee”.

Why not groom Joba to take over for Mariano?

Joe – Keep Joba in the ‘pen. Don’t move him to the starting rotation!



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To Boston Red Sox and NY Mets fans who feel the Yankees’ Derek Jeter is overrated…

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 8, 2008

To Boston Red Sox and NY Mets fans who feel Derek Jeter is overrated…

For years Boston Red Sox fans hate and scream obscenities at Derek Jeter. My favorite is a saying on a t-shirt that is sold around the corner from Fenway… “Jeter Swa????s”. Kudos. Funny. Creative. Derek Jeter, NY Yankees

The Mets fans whining that Jeter is overrated. That’s simply the green-eyed monster in Flushing. (Great finish last year boys.)

Jeter will be a 1st ballot Hall Of Famer…lifetime .310+ hitter… 3-time Gold Glove Winner…. 4-time World Series winner… 8-time All Star…

In addition to Jeter’s World Series rings, All Star trophies, Gold Gloves, money, etc… he has dated, or been connected with, 6 of the top 100 models on Maxim’s Top Model List.

We never again want to hear that Derek Jeter is overrated! All the stats, trophies and now the women!!! Case Closed.

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Rangers lose to Penguins; Go down 2-0; Avery still a punk

Posted by TopOfTheThread on April 27, 2008

NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins won a closely fought 2-0 win over the New York Rangers. Penguins scored their first goal on a power play goal with the second goal being an open-netter off the boards.

It was a great game and everyone’s punk Sean Avery caused his typical problems hanging around the goal tender Mr Fleury.

Rumour has it that Sean Avery, Martin Brodeur, and Marc-Andre Fleury, are getting together tonight for dinner and a game of charades.

Click here — Sean Avery shadowing Broder

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