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9/11, 911 Flags flying at Commack High School, NY

Posted by TopOfTheThread on September 10, 2011

In remembrance of 9/11, 911 Flags are  flying at Commack High School (NY). If you are on Long Island or in the area, it’s a great site.   NEVER FORGET!

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Brett Favre’s First Practice with the Jets

Posted by TopOfTheThread on August 9, 2008

We were there today at Brett Favre’s First Practice with the Jets. The place was packed.  We usually make to at least one training camp practice per year at Hofstra. Normally it is easy to get around. Today there were probably 10 times the number of people… Go Jets!

Number 4 jerseys were selling like hotcakes!

More Brett Favre NY Jets videos at

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Favorite Sports Videos

Posted by TopOfTheThread on August 6, 2008

This is still one of my favorite sports videos. Randy Johnson, major league pitcher, throws a 95 mph fastball that hits a seagull crossing in front of home plate. I believe the batter is the NY Mets’ Robin Ventura.

The seagull disintegrates – Nothing but feathers! (Talk about timing is everything… Dave Winfield eat your heart out!)

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The Montauk Monster

Posted by TopOfTheThread on August 2, 2008

Everyone is talking about it. Here is a picture of the montauk monter (Montauk, Long Island, NY).  No one

montauk monster real or hoax

seems to know where it is? Real or hoax?

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Bobby Murcer dies of cancer

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 13, 2008

Bobby Murcer, R.I.P. – You will be greatly missed. You’re a true Yankee in every sense. Bobby Murcer True NY Yankke star

Murcer Loses His Fight With Cancer
Bobby Murcer dies at age 62
Bobby Murcer, 62, Yankee on Field and Air, Dies
Ex-Yankees star, broadcaster Murcer dies at 62
Bobby Murcer statistics


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Cars Honking at Traffic Lights – There’s No Place Like Home

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 5, 2008

I live in NY.

When getting outside the NY area, people do not immediately honk their car horns when the traffic light turns green. In NYC, and Long Island, if you do not immediately hit the gas when the light turns green, you will be honked at…

I have been doing a good amount of traveling the last few weeks. I visited Westport, CT (pleasure), Lenox, MA (pleasure), Baltimore, MD (business), New York, NY (business), Long Island, NY (pleasure). I always know when I am getting close to home (NY) because people are less patient and honk faster when the light turns green

I decided to put a stopwatch in my car. Whenever I was 1st at a red traffic light, I would wait up to 5 seconds when the red light changed to green. How long would it take for people to start honking at me?

(Chart contains the location and the time in seconds it took for someone to honk when the light changed from red to green)

how quickly do people honk when traffic lights change from red to green

how quickly do people honk when traffic lights change from red to green

As it turned out. and as expected, people in NYC honked the quickest and Long Island was the second fastest. There’s no place like home!

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The Year the NY Knicks Could Die… The 2010-2011 NBA Season

Posted by TopOfTheThread on July 2, 2008

Let’s face it. The NY Knicks are a horrible sports product. Bad team. Bad management (that is hopefully getting better now that Isiah Thomas is gone). The only reason they have any revenue is because of (1) corporate sales, and (2) convenience of the location of Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.king lebron james nba star on the knicks

In recent years the team has not improved. There is no indication this coming year will be any better.
The Knick goal for the next few seasons should be the following:

  • Clear Salary Cap Room.
  • Clear More Salary Cap Room.
  • Get a few solid young players.

When Lebron James becomes a free agent after the 2010 season, the Knicks must sign him. Hopefully, they will have collected a solid group of role players to support him. This will make the Knicks franchise on the rise. Lebron will give us a winning team and he will be largest star in NY. NY should be his the top choice on his list of franchises. Imagine all the opportunities he would have!

But… the rumors are that the NJ Nets (Brooklyn Nets?) may get Lebron James when he becomes a free agent.
If the Nets get Lebron James and have decent mass transit to their new Brooklyn arena, say good-bye to the Knicks. The Nets will become New York’s team. And Lebron will still have many of the same opportunities he would have playing for the Knicks.

So… Hopefully, the Knicks are already working on the strategy on how to sign King Lebron James! They need to do whatever it takes!


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Craig Biggio: A Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee from Long Island, NY

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 22, 2008

You hear about Jim Brown. Long Island’s greatest athlete of all time. Manhasset High School, Syracuse University. Often considered both the best football player and lacrosse player of all time.craig biggio baseball hall of fame great athlete

Some of Long Island’s all time athletes, that your hear about, are Boomer Esiason, Ron Heller, Sue Bird, Willie Smith,…

You never hear about Kings Park’s Craig Biggio.

What about Craig Biggio?

Craig Biggio, the baseball player, is eligible to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2013. He will be a first ballot inductee with 3,059 hits as a Houston Astro player and community leader.

He switched positions having played catcher, 2nd base, and outfield. He stole bases and is one of the all-time leaders having been hit by pitches. He was a 7 time all star, 4 time Gold Glove winner, and a Roberto Clemente Award winner.

He was a leader on and off the field for Houston. He was loved and respected by the fans, community and the media.

Not just a professional and collegiate baseball player (All American at Seton Hall) New Yorkers may remember Craig as a great football player. He was the Hansen Award winner given to the best high school football player in Suffolk County. While attending Kings Park High School, he turned down many football scholarships to attend Seton Hall on a baseball scholarship.

There are still great athletes who are good citizens. Let’s remember and honor Long Island’s Craig Biggio.


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Confession of an honest cop – street justice?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 4, 2008

This is the conundrum of knowing what is right, and yet understanding why something “wrong” also makes sense.

We all know a cop should stay within the law. We all know what Paul (a fake name) did was absolutely wrong. This is meant to illustrate how and why a cop may do scales of justice copssomething out-of-bounds.


Paul is a college graduate, varsity athlete, honor student, who had never gotten in any type of trouble with the law. Upon graduation from college, he decided to take the NYC Police Department Exam. He scored well and was admitted to the NYPD Academy. He promptly graduated and has been walking a beat for the past 3 years. Everyone likes Paul. He’s just a good down-to-earth guy.

Interested in police work, I was chatting with Paul about the day’s events.

Paul and his partner had apprehended a mugger. A big guy. Probably 6’3″, 230 lbs. 25 years old. The mugger had grabbed an 80 year old women’s pocket book, knocked her to the ground, punched her in the face, and ran off.

Paul said we caught the guy later in the day. He had the lady’s jewelry on him. We cuffed him. Made a quick stop on the way to the station house, and booked him.

I asked him what he meant by “made a quick stop on the way to the station house…”?

“Well, we brought him to a secluded alley, roughed him up a little, and then brought him to the station.”

I was so suprised to here this. Paul was Mr. Clean Cut, and this was totally unexpected. “Paul, you beat the guy up? What gives you the right to do that?”

His reponse: “He didn’t need to punch the old lady. He had her pocketbook. She could not fight back. He had what he wanted and decided to hurt her. He is going to be back on the street in a few hours. He will remember our beating and hopefully not do it again. The court system is not going to prevent him from snatching another purse. Hopefully, our lesson to him will prevent him from hurting the next lady.”

I understood. Disagreed. I guess when officers say “Do the right thing”, this is what they mean.

At that point I realized I had absolutely no clue what it is like to be a police officer.


We all know we need some major changes. I wish someone had some answers.

I lost touch with Paul. I will never lose this story.


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‘Told you about Joba… (Should have stayed in bullpen)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 4, 2008

Followup to previous post — See post of May 22, 2008Joba Chamberlain NY Yankees pitcher
Hopefully this (experiment, move, transition) works out better than Joba’s first start.

Now, Joba is shaky and the bullpen is shaky. The starting rotation is no better. The pen is worse.

If you move him back, you show you have lost confidence in him. He loses confidence in himself as a starter and then has additional pressure as a reliever.

The Yankees have hurt themselves and have painted Joba in a corner. Exactly what they did not want to do.


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