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Buried Alive! Ever wonder what it is like from UNDER an avalache?

Posted by TopOfTheThread on January 16, 2010

Wow. I came across this video and it dragged me in.

Buried Alive!

A skier with a helmet-cam starts down a slope and you have to see what happens…

Stick with the video. It’s not over.  The silence and blue is the skier under the avalanche!

Avalanche Snow

Click to watch video

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If you think MMA (or UFC) is Human Cock Fights, you don’t understand it

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 26, 2008

MMA is Mixed Martial Arts. UFC is simply one brand of MMA. UFC is leading the way to popularizing and making MMA a mainstream submission hold kimura ufc

People unfamiliar with MMA, see it as people just beating the crap out of each other. Presidential candidate John McCain went so far to call it “Human Cock Fights”.


Boxing is a violent sport. So are kick boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, and jiu jitsu. MMA is no more violent than any of those sports.

MMA is basically a combination of boxing + kick boxing + wrestling + judo + karate + jiu jitsu + Other_Martial_Arts

There is less punching in MMA than boxing. At times there may be more cuts and blood in MMA than boxing because of the weight of the gloves. MMA gloves weigh 5 ounces and boxing gloves weight 10 – 20 ounces. The kicking in MMA may also lead to additional cuts and blood.

The strategy is more complicated in MMA than in boxing or any other martial art. The participants need to decide whether to stay on their feet or take their opponent down. Should they strike or go for submissions? Or a little of each.

The true professionals are constantly thinking about the next move. It is almost like a physical chess game.

I watched 5 matches last night and none of them had any significant blood flowing. 3 of the 5 were stopped because of submission. This is when one of the fighters positions himself in a way that the other fighter “taps out” or gives up. (It is almost like when you wrestled with your friend and you made him say “uncle”.)

The other 2 matches were decided by the judges. All 10 participants walked away without any broken bones or serious damage. A few cuts. Yes. Not much more.

Not convinced? If you watched 10 matches and listened to the announcers, you would start to understand the strategy, strength, speed, and endurance involved in the sport.

Is MMA a violent sport like boxing or kick boxing? Yes. If you think it is just pure violence and “Human Cock Fighting”, you haven’t given it a chance and paid attention to the detail involved.


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Mike Greenberg’s gambling problem and the Broadcaster’s Hall Of Fame (MikeAndMike)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on June 10, 2008

Re: Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic of ESPNradio. Show MikeAndMike.Mike Greenberg Mike Golic ESPN radio sports

First it’s Pete Rose. Now it’s Mike “Greeny” Greenberg!

Mike Greenberg announced today that he bet $1500 on Mike Golic to win the HORSE basketball contest of the Mike and Mike Pentathlon.

We believe gambling on sports, especially a contest in which you are participating is deplorable and unnaceptable. What makes it even worse is he bet on his opponent, Mike Golic.

This act will come before the board of the Broadcaster’s Hall Of Fame and will surely prevent a first ballot entry for Mike Greenberg. 😉


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A letter to Justine Henin – Congratulations on your retirement from tennis

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 15, 2008

Dear Justine –Justine Henin

Congratulations on your retirement. You have provided us with great tennis including 7 Grand Slams and 117 consecutive weeks as the world’s top player.

We appreciate your dedication and the entertainment you provided. We greatly respect your business-like attitude and the lack of self-promotion that is uncommon these days.

You will be greatly missed as a player leaving at the top of your game. You may want to check with Jim Brown and Barry Sanders for advice on how to handle it.

Best wishes….

Maria S

PS. We do secretly hope you will change your mind and come back.

* * * * * * * *

(Not Maria Sharapova)

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Stupid sports videos

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 8, 2008

I love these videos…

… their parents must be proud…

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Let’s not forget Duke Lacrosse

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 3, 2008

People have their own political and business agendas. How do we prevent what happened to the Duke Lacrosse team from happening again. In this instance a “dirty” politician happened to have gotten caught. The kids involved are still effected by the whole event. They lost out on a year of their life. They were forced to go through a traumatic event. The 3 accused had their names in the press and will undoubtedly be known for that event forever. Look, they are not alter boys, but typical college kids. Did they do anything wrong? Depending upon your morales, yes and no. Did they deserve what they went through… absolutley not.

How do we prevent this from happening again?

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One of baseball’s best home run hitters of all time; Ken Griffey

Posted by TopOfTheThread on April 30, 2008

Chuck is absolutely correct about the focus. on sports

Ken Griffey is nearing 600 home runs and we hear not a peep about it. He has been one of the best all around players in the last 50 years, and if he had not gotten injured, he would be nearing 800 home runs! He is a true role model and drug free!

Meanwhile there has been constant chatter about Barry Bond’s breaking Hank Aaron’s record. The asterisk. Should it count… That is basically focusing on the half empty glass.

We should be taking positive looks on Ken Griffey… and soon Alex Rodriguez… ARod.. as they show how it IS stiill possible to do things the clean, correct way and succeed! (ARod.. get off the 15 day DL asap).


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