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It’s time for individual sports records to take a backseat…

Posted by TopOfTheThread on February 22, 2009

Regarding team sports such as baseball, football, hockey, soccer — only:

As fans, we have been pushed to say

  • Who cares about Barry Bonds, or Hank Aaron having the most home runs
  • Who cares about Roger Clemens having 350 wins and over 4,000 strikeouts
  • Who cares that Mark McGuire beat out Sammy Sosa in the 1998 Roger Maris home run chase
  • So what — Alex Rodriguez has 500 plus home runs and counting…..

Cheating has taken place and will always take place.

Focusing on team records is, at least, an equal playing field (no pun intended). Think about it.

A-Rod recently admitted using steroids from 2001 – 2003.  Let’s assume that at least 104 players used performance enhancing drugs during that era. Who won the World Series from 2001 – 2003 (Arizona Diamondbacks,   Anaheim Angels, Florida Marlins). Fine.

So we can assume that at LEAST 100 of the 700 major league players “cheated” using performance enhancing drugs.  For round numbers, that’s 14% of the players.  Let’s assume there is an equal distribution of  “cheaters”. 14% of the Diamondbacks cheated. 14% of the Angels cheated. And 14% of the Marlins cheated.

Continuing, 14% of the NY Yankees, NY Mets, and Boston Red Sox also cheated, and did NOT win the World Series.

As a fan, I have no problem with it.  Those seasons were entertaining and fun to watch.  It is an equal playing field because all the teams and players probably had access to the same performance enhancing drugs. Teams made decisions. Individuals made decisions. That was THAT era.

When the rules were set outlawing steriods, the number probably went from 14% to 2% (a guess).  Again, the cheaters were probably evenly distributed amongst the league.

So all the teams and players probably had a representative sample of cheaters.

As new drugs come on the scene, everyone will have access to them. New masking agents come on the scene, everyone will have access to them. It’s illegal but fair.


The same holds true for football.  As time as gone on, steriods/HGH testing has gotten tougher. People still use then and there is probably an equal distribution amongst the teams and players.


This may seem like bizarre logic, but it makes sense for the “team results”. Of course it does not help the individual records that are affected by this cheating.

I know it’s not realistic, but perhaps we should come up with an alternative to “individual records”. Perhaps we should discuss using a word like “highlights”.

One of the “highlights” of the 1998 season was McGuire and Sosa competing to hit the most home runs… I know,I know, it’s weak…


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Barry Bonds, et al, and Additional Repercussions of Performance Enhancing Drugs Use (Dara Torres)

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 10, 2008

Dara Torress, 9-time Olympic medalist, 4-time Olympian, attempting to make her 5th Olympics at age 41. This is a hard working swimmer who has earned medals, and set a new American Swim record at age 41.

She is now a mother and has strategically trained and continued improving at an age when most athletes have long retired.Dara Torres, 41 year old Olympic Swimmer, with child

And, of course in this day and age, the whispers have started… It’s nothing that Dara has done. She does not exhibit any physical symptoms of drug use.. no acne… no enlarged muscles… anger… rages…

But, ever since Barry Bonds, Joses Canseco, Mark Mcguire, etc…. it is the easy route to accuse someone of cheating.

Dara has offered to take every test on a regular basis. WHY SHOULD SHE? This is absolutely no indication she has done anything wrong? She is being totally above board… taking the high road.

I guess anytime anyone does an out-of-the-ordinary athletic feat, they will be accused of cheating.

  • Tiger Woods and John Daly hit the ball further than anyone else… HGH… Drug test please!
  • Cal Ripken played in 2632 consecutive games… HGH… Drug test please!
  • Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) is both the indoor and outdoor world record holder in the high jump 8 feet and 8 feet ½ inch), respectively… HGH… Drug test please!

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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