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NY Jets vs Tennessee Titans – another broken heart – not

Posted by TopOfTheThread on November 23, 2008

(It’s 2 hours before the start of the Jets / Titans game…)

A Jets fans broken heart

A Jets fans broken heart

We, Jet fans have been waiting for a long time for a championship.  As Jet fans we get excited time after time only to have our hearts broken (time after time.) We have learned to be cautiously optimistic as a defense mechanism.

Today is the day we finally get our due.  Last week we beat the Patriots. This week we will beat the Titans. (It would be interesting if the Jets wore their Titans uniforms today ;>) )

How did we get here?

The Jets organization did a great job in the off season. They improved their offensive line.  They improved their defensive line.  Of course there is also the Favre deal.  But the Favre deal was icing on the cake. They improved the foundation of the team before Favre was in the picture.

Realistically, the Jets can win today. They will win today. Yeah, the Jets WILL win today. (It’s still hard to convince myself.)

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