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What’s the big deal? California Superdelegate Wants $20 Million for vote

Posted by TopOfTheThread on May 9, 2008

What’s the big deal? California Superdelegate Wants $20 Million for vote

Superdelegeates seem to be the key to the Democratic Presidential nomination contest between Obama and Clinton.

Steven Ybarra, a California lawyer in Sacramento, says he wants $20 million for his endorsement. He says it is not for him but to register Mexican-Americans voters in various states. He also says that registering these people can assist the Democrats in the General Election.
Stephen Ybarra and Obama

Given that Mr. Ybarra does use the money for that purpose and does not pocket it, why is this news? Politicians do this type of politicking all the time. They vote for a bill because it is good for his district or state.

The only difference here is Mr. Ybarra asked for cash for the purpose.

As long as Mr. Ybarra believes that either Obama or Clinton would be good candidates, he is not really selling out.

Next story.

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